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Quick Notes Statistics has concise 2 page outlines of college Statistics I and II. Two lab sets and Quick Questions with complete solutions are provided. The entire book is written as a business case where users see how college student Linda Evans  used statistics to manage Linda's Video Showcase.  Readers can then do statistics for Linda's friend Darin Smith who follows his retailing company Darin's Music Emporium with manufacturing company Future Horizons Corporation. 
Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel so you have the problems with directions  and data sets right in a live Excel sheet. Within a few minutes you use Excel to do problems. Just follow the directions and quickly see the result. Problems are those encountered by Darin Jones in free book
Quick Notes Statistics.  
1. Video Lectures

2. Practice Problems & Solutions

3. Practice Tests & Answers

4. Statistics Research Project
5. Quick Notes Reviews
Statistics Test Reviews
. Testing Help

Statistics Software Video Lectures Excel  Minitab  SPSS   I-84 and Tests

Practice Set Instructions with Answers for    SPSS       MiniTab      StataQuest

Free Courses Materials Excel   Minitab   SPSS   TI-84   Excel Statistics loads into spreadsheets

Behavioral Science Statistics    Research Paper Guidance    AP, SAT Test Prep test and strategy help

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For Beginners

1) Statistics 101 Study Aids

2) Statistics Materials for Excel, OTI-83,
SPSS, StataQuest, Free Calculators & Software,
Purpose Sites, and Data Sets for Health Care, Criminal Justice ...


Advanced Materials

3) Advanced Applications Reference Material

4 Career Information

5) Research Project Help

6) Free Bus/Econ/Star Course

7) Free Business Stuff

8) Teaching Statistics, Help for 

9) A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers

1) Statistics 101 Study Aids

Tests and Measurement Videos

Statistics Formula Reviews

A Taxonomy of Statistics

Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics

Algebra, Trig and Geometry Review Statistics Review McMaster University.

SPSS Online Training Workshop 


Procedures for Solving Statistics Problems

Categorizing Statistics Problems

Practice Problems

Probability Tests Taking Tips

Test Passing Help

Procedures for Solving Statistics Problems

1. Print out appropriate
Formula Reviews From Quick Notes.

2. Highlight formulas that pertain the test.

3. Write a 2-column list for variable name and variable.

4. Underline the variable name or symbol.

5. With given variables, determine  formula.

Practice Problems

Part I Practice Problems on Descriptive Statistics

Part II Practice Problems on Probability, The Basis for Inferential Statistics

Review Categorizing Statistics Problems helps determine correct test.

Part III Practice Problems on Inferential Statistics

Part IV Practice Problems on Correlation and Regression


Automated Practice Problems from Dr. Sid Das of George Mason University
has hints and solutions to problems covered during two semesters of Statistics
Test  Passing Help 
Quick Steps for Passing a Test will help you earn better grades.
What does accepting often called failing to reject, the null hypothesis mean.

Practice Statistics Quiz Questions With Answers

Practice Classifying Statistics Problems 

True or False Questions Involving Elementary Statistics
from Larry Green of Lake Tahoe CC

Mr. Mills Reviews

AP Stats Midterm Review Part I Chapters 1 - 6

AP Stats Midterm Review Part II Chapters 7-10

AP Stats Midterm Review Part III Chapters 11-13

AP Stats Midterm Review Part IV Chapters 14-17

Cumulative Midterm Review Chapters 1-17

Practice Tests Using Software is a dynamic example of how statistics can
be used to do research. Tests data will load into Excel though the data sets
can be copied into other programs. For use with
our free Excel Statistics Lab Manual.

Descriptive Statistics       Answers

Probability        Answers 

Categorizing Statistics Problems helps determine correct test need for next test.

Hypothesis Testing         Answers

Help By Topic From The Internet

Learning Statistics

Gallery of Quantitative Techniques outlines many stat tests 

Teaching Statistics, Help for

Type I and type II errors - Wiki

Type I and Type II Errors uses the Justice System as an Exam

Rice University Statistics has dynamic demonstrations

Resources for Methods in Evaluation, Social Research

Problems from Basic Math to through Statistics hints, lecture notes.



AP Statistics

Emergency Relief for First-Time AP Stat Teachers
Bob Hayden of NC School of Science and Math

The AP Stats Top 10 FAQ and Stat Homework Blog from Mr. Derksen

AP Hypothesis Testing Mistakes from mathteacher24's channel

Stats Monkey
Molesky has useful information.

stats articles blog spot
has interesting articles.

Webinar Recordings

Good stuff especially for AP statistics

Free AP Statistics Tutorial

TAP, SAT Test Prep

Other Useful Sites

Statistics Glossary #1    

Statistics Glossary #2

3 Statistical Study Video


Free has great learning materials.

Census at School is an international classroom project that engages students in grades 4–12 in statistical problem solving.

Enhancing the Teaching of Statistics with Consulting Experiences

Automated Practice Problems from Dr. Sid Das of George Mason University also has hints and solutions to problems covered during two semesters of Statistics.  

has multiple-choice questions to help learn theory.

A Statistician Plays Darts

The Free Statistics Calculators Website - Home

Free Online Graph Paper

Statistics Cartoons