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I Accounting Basics

1-Where did Accounting Come From?
2-Accounting Equation
5-Stockholders Equity

6-Expanded Accounting Equation

7-Financial Statements

II Accounting Transactions

1-Resources, Events, & Agents
2-Accounting Cycle
3-Asset & SHE Dr & Cr
4-Liabilities Dr & Cr
5-Revenue Dr & Cr
6-Expenses DR & Cr

7- Journal Entries 1
8- Journal Entries 2

9-Asset Anatomy

III Measuring Income

1-Accounting Cycle
2-Adjusting Journal Entrees Assets & Exp.
3-Adjusting JE Liabilities&Revenue
4-Adjusting JE Accruals
5-Adjusted T.B. & Financial Statements
6-Adjusted TB & Closing Journal Entries
7-Closing Journal Entries
8-T Anatomy and Cash


IV Financial Reporting

2-Classified BS
3-Multistep IS
4-Liquidity Ratios
5-Profit&Solvency Ratios
6-Accounting Conventions




Part V Merchandising Videos
1 Retail Accounts
2 Sales Periodic & Perpetual Inventory
3 Purchases Periodic
4 Purchases Perpetual Inventory
5 In come Statement Perpetual Inventory
6 Income Statement Periodic Inventory

Part VI Inventory
1 Periodic FIFO
2 Periodic LIFO
3 Periodic FIFO LIFO Recap
4 Periodic AVERAGE
5 Perpetual FIFO
6 Perpetual LIFO
7 Estimates Gross Margin Method
8 Estimates Retail Method
VII Cash & Receivables 
1 Overview

2 Bank Reconciliation
3 Accounts Receivable
4 Uncollectible Accounts
5 Notes Receivable


VIII Long Term Assets
1 Long-lived Assets
2 Buy & Lump-sum Purchase
3 Straight line Depreciation
4 Units of Production Depreciation
5 Declining Balance Depreciation
6 Disposal-Trash, Donation, Sold at Book
7 Disposal by Sale or Trade-in
8 Partial years, Tax Methods, Rate Revisions
Accounting Career Videos
Why Study Accounting?
How to Become an Accountant
1.12   Bookkeeping, Accounting Auditing 1.12   

Accounting Careers 9.54      
CPA Requirements by State      
How to Pass the CPA Exam
What a CPA License Allows You to Do

IX Liabilities

Present Value


1 Bond Types

2 Bond Types

3 Bond Price SE4     

4 Effective Interest Bond Premium

5 Effective Interest Bond Discount 

6 Callable Bonds

7 Convertible Bonds

X Contributed Capital
1 Corporations
2 Startup and Organization Costs
3 Stockholders Equity format
4 Sell Stock for Cash
5 Sell Stock Finance Building
6 Stock Options
7 Cash Dividends
8 Dividend Declared
9 Treasury Stock
10 Ratios
XI Corporate Income Statement
1 Stock Dividends
2 Stock Splits
3 Deferred Taxes
4Tax Computation
6 Stockholders Equity
7 EPS & Book Value


XII Cash Flow

1 Statement of Cash Flows Format
2 Operating Activates
3 Investing Activates-Investments
4 Investing Activates-Plant Assets
5 Financing Activates
6 Example-operating
7 Example-Investing
8 Example-financing
9 Ratios


Video Lectures on the Time Value of Money


XIII Financial Performance

1 Overview
2 Horizontal Analysis  
3 Vertical Analysis
4 Liquidity Ratios
5 Liquidity Ratios AR
6 Liquidity Ratios Inv
7 Liquidity Ratios AP
8 Profitability Ratios
9 Solvency Ratios
10 Cash Flow Ratios
11 Market Strength Ratios



XIV Managerial Accounting
Cost Behavior -1 Overview
2 Cost Behavior Types
3 Estimating Costs
4 High Low Example E4
5 High Low Example P5

6 CVP Income Statement

7 CVP Example E8

8 Sales Mix Example E10


XV Managerial Accounting 2 
Cost Behavior -1 Overview
2 Cost Behavior Types
3 Estimating Costs

4 High Low Example E4  
5-High Low Example P5
6 CVP Income Statement
7 CVP Example E8
8 Sales Mix Example E10


Managerial Accounting 3
Perform Mgt & Eval 1 Overview
Perform Mgt & Eval - 2 Balanced Scorecard
Perform Mgmt & Eval 3 Responsibility Accounting

Perform Mgt & Eval - 4 Flexible Budgets
Perform Mgt &Eval 5 ROI
Perform Mgt & Eval 6 - PM &AT
Perform Mgt &Eval 7 - Residual Income
Perform Mgt & Eval 8EVA

Standard Costing 1 - Overview
2 Material Variances
3 Labor Variances
4 Variable Overhead Variances
5 Fixed Overhead Variances
6 Recap Variances

Video Lectures on the Time Value of Money


For More Comprehensive collection of Managerial Accounting Videos visit our  Managerial Accounting Videos



Budgeting Process -1 Overview
2 Sales P6
3 Production P6
4 Material Purchases P6
5 Direct Labor P6  
6 Overhead P6
7 SAG Expenses P6  
9 IS P6
10 Cash Budgets E13

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