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Time Value of Money

SANTA FE COLLEGE Videos from Susan V. Crosson are 3 to 5 minutes.

1) Management Process
2) Cost Concepts
3) Job Order Costing
4) Process Costing
5) Present Value Annuity (Activity Based Costing)
6) Cost Behavior
7) Budgeting Process
8) Performance Management
9) Standard Costing
10) Short Run Decision Analysis
11) Pricing
Chapter 1  Management Process-1 Overview Chapter 2 Cost Concepts-1 Terms
Management Process-2 Plan Cost Concepts-2 Income Statements
Management Process-3 Perform A Cost Concepts-3 Manufacturing Income Statement
Management Process-4 Perform B Cost Concepts-4 Three Mfg. Inventories
Management Process-5 Evaluate Cost Concepts-5 WIP & OH
Management Process-6 Communicate Cost Concepts-6 OH 3 Approaches

Financial Accounting Videos

Cost Concepts-7 OH 4 Steps to Success
Cost Concepts-8 OH Traditional & ABC
Job Order Costing- 1 Job & Process Chapter 3 Process Costing-1 Cost Flows Chapter 4
Job Order Costing-2 Cost Flows by T a/c
Job Order Costing-3 Job Order Cost Card Process Costing-3 Problem 2 Facts
Job Order Costing-4 P6 Sept 1-4 Process Costing-4 P2 FIFO 1 & 2
Job Order Costing-5 P6 Sept 8-10 Process Costing-5 P2 FIFO 3&4
Job Order Costing-6 P6 Sept 15 Process Costing-6 P2 FIFO 5 & Recap
Job Order Costing-7 P6 Sept 22-27 Process Costing-7 P2 Average 1 & 2
Job Order Costing-8 P6 September 30A Process Costing-8 P2 Average 3 & 4
Job Order Costing-9 P6 Sept 30B Process Costing-9 P2 Average 5 & Recap
Job Order Costing-10 P6 Sept 30C

Economics, 1 & 2 Videos

Job Order Costing-11 P6 Close OH

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PVA ABC JIT -1 Overview from Chapter

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Cost Behavior -1 Overview from Chapter 6


Video Lectures
Accounting 1 & 2

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Required Skills

PVA ABC JIT-2 PVA Cost Behavior -2 Cost Behavior Types
PVA ABC JIT-3 ABC Cost Behavior- 3 Estimating Costs
PVA ABC JIT-4 ABC Example Cost Behavior -4 High Low Example E4
PVA ABC JIT-5 JIT Philosophy Cost Behavior -5 High Low Example P5
PVA ABC JIT-6 JIT Types of Time Cost Behavior -6 CVP Income Statement
PVA ABC JIT -7 Evolution of JIT Cost Behavior -7 CVP Example E8
PVA ABC JIT- 8 JIT Backflushing Cost Behavior -8 Sales Mix Example E10
PVA ABC JIT -9 JIT Backflushing Example

Game Theory Videos 

Budgeting Process-1 Overview Chapter 7 takes 45 min. Perform Mgt & Eval. -1 Overview Chapter 8
Budgeting Process - 2 Sales P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 2 Balanced Scorecard
Budgeting Process - 3 Production P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 3 Responsibility Accounting
Budgeting Process -4 Material Purchases P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 4 Flexible Budgets
Budgeting Process- 5 Direct Labor P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 5 ROI
Budgeting Process-6 Overhead P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 6 PM & AT
Budgeting Process-7 SAG Expenses P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 7 Residual Income
Budgeting Process - 8 COGM P6 Perform Mgt & Eval. - 8 EVA
Budgeting Process - 9 IS P6

Statistics Video Lectures
Quickly Review  Key Concepts

Budgeting Process-10 Cash Budgets E13
Standard Costing 1 Overview Chapter 9 Short-Run Decision Analysis 1 Terms Chapter 10
Standard Costing 2 Material Variances Short-Run Decision Analysis 2 Differential Costs
Standard Costing 3 Labor Variances Short-Run Decision Analysis 3 Special Orders
Standard Costing 4 Variable Overhead Variances Short-Run Decision Analysis 4 Make or Buy
Standard Costing 5 Fixed Overhead Variances Short-Run Decision Analysis 5 Segment Decisions
Standard Costing 6 Recap Variances Short-Run Decision Analysis 6 Scarce Resource

College Course Video Lectures 

Short-Run Decision Analysis 7 Sell, Process Further
Pricing-1 Overview Chapter 11

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Pricing- 2 Gross Margin Method
Pricing-3 Return on Assets Method
Pricing- 4 Time & Materials Method
Pricing- 5 Target Costing Method
Pricing- 6 Transfer Pricing