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1. Financial Accounting
A concise programmed textbook
of college Accounting I and II. Two practice sets and Quick Questions with complete solutions  are provided. The entire book is written as a business case where users see how college student
Darin Jones
accounted for his laundry business. Upon graduation, he accounts for retailing company Darin's Music Emporium. Readers can then do the accounting for Darin's friend Linda Smith, who follows her college ironing business with retailing company Linda's Video Showcase.

Accounting Crib Notes
1. Understanding Journal Entries
2. Remembering Debits and Credits Tricks Video

Debits and Credits
Accounting Cycle  
Time Value of Money and Example

6. One Page Accounting

Practice Sets with complete solutions  software version

Supplements  Accounting 1 and 2 Video Lectures
Accounting 1 and 2 Test Review Notes  Please Print and Share     

Testing Help  Quick Steps for Passing an Accounting Test    AP, SAT Test Prep strategy

Practice with Answers  Test Problems with Multiple Choice Questions

2. Financial Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators
Concise basic accounting principles explained without debits and credits. 
Tests with complete solutions provided.



1. One Page Accounting

2. Accounting Cycle A Debit and Credit Approach

3. Quick Notes Financial Accounting Course  

4. Finding and Applying for Scholarships


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Review Materials

Lecture Notes for Accounting 1 and 2
Accounting Reference Materials

Power Point Accounting Review Part I and Part 2 are concise.  
Accounting I Internet Lecture Notes
from three sources plus videos
Accounting II Internet Lecture Notes
2- page outlines on each topic
Video Lectures for Accounting I and II reviews Debits and Credits

Illustrative Journal Entries  
Practice Exams 
General Purpose Sites for Beginners
Improve Your Grades
Test Frenzy has help in accounting.
Free Working Papers



Free Working Papers 
for doing problems by hand.

Free Practice Exams

Quick Steps for Passing a Test will help you earn better grades.

Test Frenzy has help in accounting. 

College Accounting Practice Tests
is from Houghton Mifflin

Principles of Accounting
from  Dr. Walther, UT, Arlington 
is a textbook with exercises.

General Purpose Sites have Help for Beginners

Accounting Study Guide Home Page 
provides help for beginning,
intermediate, and advance students.

Accounting Assistance from Business Town
is for beginners.

Accounting starts at the beginning.

New Accountant  is a magazine for students.



Accounting Reference Materials

Principles of Accounting
is a free traditional accounting book
with practice problems (answers provided).

Susan Crosson discusses which popular accounting software.

Accounting Terminology Guide
New York Society of CPAs, U. S.

Accounting and Financial Dictionary

Writing Skills Improvement Software


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Improve Your Grades
Quick Notes Accounting Reviews
is for those in a hurry.

Quick Steps for Passing Accounting Test  

Accounting Study Tips is concise.

Cross Word puzzles and Flash Cards
 from Thompson Publishing.

Jeopardy Games, Accounting and Taxes

Study Skills Help 

 Homework Help

Free Working Papers

Working Papers
for those doing problems manually.

Excel Formatted Work Papers

For Accounting and Business Professionals

Accounting for Managers
has concise booklets with exercises