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Monthly Question #1  Did Capitalism Cause Middle-Class Plight?

Special Report: Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism

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Monthly Question #1 
Did Capitalism Cause Middle-Class Plight?

Short-term Economic Question

Preface: Do Economists Lie?

Trump Keeping Economy In Good Shape?

2. Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?

3. Inflation Back Means Trouble?

4. Stock Market Too High?

5. U.S. Headed for Recession?

6. Trade Troubles

Liberal Democracy in Peril?
Prelude: Wage Stagnation Causes

1. Post WW 2 Global Economic Growth, 
   Competitive Adjustments, the Rise of Populism

2. Post WW 2 Economic Adjustments

3. Neoliberal Economist Caused Financial Collapse

4. Democracy Failures Caused Latest Popularism

5. Understanding Left Right Populism

6. Populism is the Rise

7. Trump's New Political Era?

Postscript: Wage Stagnation Solutions




Economics 101

1. Basic Math Skills and Test Passing Help

2. Principles of Economics Notes and Textbooks

3. Advanced Economics Notes and Textbooks

4. Economics Learning Links  

 5.  Grad School   

6. AP Economics

5. Political Economy Book Summaries  1-8 pages

8. Economic News and Notes   

9.  Macroeconomics Overview

1. Basic Math Skills and Test Passing

Math Review basic math for microeconomics,  
R. Larry Reynolds
of Boise State.

Formulas is concise

Math for Economics Formula Sheet

Using Statistical Studies

Quick Steps for Passing a Test

2. Principles of Economics Notes and Textbooks

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics  

Economics Lecture Notes are concise.

Introduction to Economics
324 page traditional textbook. 

Essential Principles of Economics traditional textbook

Economics, 1 & 2 Video Lectures from  UTube

Political Economy Book Summaries  1-8 pages

"MBA Lectures in Macroeconomics"
by Roubini and Backus

Cyber Economics online text
 Dr. S, Saint Joseph College. 

Holt Economics
has links sorted by chapter topic 



Important Question #1
 Is Middle Class in Economic Crisis?

Monthly Question #2
  Did Capitalism Cause Middle-Class Plight?

Special Report:
Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism








U.S. Political Economy

A Very Brief Political History
of the United States

Prelude Western Civilization Economic History

Capitalism Developed in18th Century England

US Constitution
Building America's Constitution
Constitutional History

U.S. Politics
Political Eras 1788-2016
A Very Brief History of Elections   
20th Century American Education

US Political Eras
1788 to 1892 
1896 to 2016 

America Elects President
1778-1824    1828-1852    1856-1892
1896-1928      1932-1972    1976-2012

Longer-Term Economic Questions

1. Do Economist Contribute to Fake News #6

2. Will Inflation/Growth Tame the Deficit?

3. Will Debt End Capitalism?

4. Jobs Loss to AI Growth

5. Dollar Privilege Continuation

6. Illegal Immigrants Disposition

7. Is Income Inequality Affecting Growth?

8. Wage Stagnation Causes
   Wage Stagnation Solutions

9. Understanding Fake News
   National Debt is a Catastrophe
   Wages Continue to Stagnate
   Wages Stagnation As Fake News


Political Economy Videos
History of Economic Thought Video
History of Economics Progress 4 min video

U.S. Political Economy Textbooks
US Political Economy Basics

U.S. Political Economy Handbook
U.S. Political Economy

Political Economy Materials
Book Summaries
Presidential Courage   
Thomas Jefferson 
American Dynasty

Book Summaries Collection  
Political Economy 101

Government and Politics 101
US Political Economy Evolution
Political Economy One-Page Studies


3. Advanced Books and Notes

Price Theory
Microeconomics Analysis
Notes in Microeconomic Theory: The Economic Agent

Price Theory: An Intermediate Text
Microeconomics 2: Economics and Organizations
100-best-economics-books-time Intermediate


Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory


Online Economic Textbooks
for economics majors and professionals.

International Trade Lecture Notes
from David Latzko of Penn State

Introduction to International Economics video lessons

Industrial Economics Component
Doug Henwood's Wall Street

One-Page Studies

Middle Class Economics
Income Inequality  
Safety Net
Treated Fairly?    
Capitalism/Good Management Lowered Wages   
Is Capitalism to Blame for Middle-Class Plight


War on Terror    
U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900   
Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015   
The Art of War    
Gun Violence Affects Police
U.S. Wars


Look Out the Window Economics

Economics Exposed

Controversial Questions

Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?
Is U.S. Free Enterprise Working?
Will Inflation/Growth Solve Deficit Problem?
Will Debt Bring Down US Capitalism?
Blame Capitalism for Middle-Class Plight?
Is Everyone is on Welfare?
Is Financial Aid Welfare?
Is College Tuition Not Going Up Rapidly?  




U.S. Economic History

History of Economic Though Videos
Modern Western Civilization Economic History
English Economic Life 1550-1775
Beginnings of a Constitutional Monarchy

Building Our Democratic
 Federalist Capitalist Republic

U.S. Economic History

20th Century
Economic History 1900-2007

20th Century Decade Evaluation

US Economic Normality 1945-2015
Rising Income
Foreign Competition Caused
1970's Wage Stagnation

1980's Manufacturing Fall
Brings Less Regulation

Financial Bailouts and Economic Recovery
Poverty Stuck at 15%    
Profit Growth  Up, Wage Growth Down    
Wellbeing Growth Continue

Cycle Analysis

International Competitive Normality Adjustments
World Changed, Good Jobs Gone  
Severe Recessions
Great Recession 
Great Recession Historical Perspective

Market Bubbles

Dollar Privilege
U.S. Banking History
Exorbitant Dollar Privilege  
Positive Dollar Privilege Prediction

Interesting Topics
History of US Banking
Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p
20th Century Decade Evaluation 10p

U S Banking History
American Unions
Economic Growth   
Cost of Wars
American Unions

Key Topics

1786 Shays Tax Rebellion
 Leads to a Constitution

Teddy Roosevelt Takes on the RR Trusts

1930s Government Safety Net Deficits,
Like War, Deficits, Prove Attractive

Boom, Bust, Boom: Jazz, Depression, Hiroshima

4. Economics Learning Sites
AP Economics, Teaching often has daily review questions.
Best Economics Links from comes in six languages.
Brad DeLong's Blog  UC Berkley has a interest site covering many topics.
Change & Development from the Kunter Krumme U. of Washington
Economy & Finance from Glossarist
Econ Clubs is dedicated to communication among Econ Clubs.
Econ Links from Dr. T has a little bit of everything.  
Economics Education Web has info for grades 1-12.
Economics of Education will help maximize an investment in education.
Fed iPad Learning Apps
High School Economics Topics, Common NCEE requirements for HS..
History of Economic Thought brings economics back to its roots.
Library of Economics, The Marshall  from the University of Cambridge
Links, Best Economic
from comes in six languages.  
Links, Interesting-- McMaster U. links of interest for economics students  
Links Page, Michael DeBow's has links on many varied subjects.
Ludwig von Mises Institute on the Austrian School of economics 
Marx Archive

Marx & Engel's archives
National Association of Business and Economics

New Economist research and analysis from a London-based macroeconomist

Resources for Economists from Bill Goffe
Resources for Economists from Bill Goffe

Single topic economic sites from SUNY Oswego
WebEc has help on many topics.
World Economy, Understanding the from Professor Nouriel Roubini of NYU.

5. Grad School
The Economics Degree - what does an economist actually do?
Econ Grad School is comprehensive.

Grad s

6. AP Economics

Economics Videos by You Tube by topic are concise
Test Prep Internet Library has free test taking help.

school rankings by Barry Falk
Advice for Applying to Grad School in Economics -  Stanford 
Applying to Grad School in Economics - from a Georgetown 
Graduate Study in Economics - by U. Penn's Career Services



7. Political Economy Book Summaries  1-8 pages

Presidential Courage Brave Leaders and How
They Changed America 1789-1989, by Michael Beschloss,

Presidential Politics Party Politics and
Presidential Elections  from 1788 to 2012

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power, 2012, by Jon Meacham

Second Chance
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower by Z. Brzezinski

American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, K. Phillips

Turning Points in American History based on a

A Very Brief U.S. History
Political Eras and Important Events

20th Century Decade Evaluation
Interaction of Politics and Economics

20th Century U.S. Decade Ranking
Which Decade Was Best, Worst?

Don't Know Much About History
 Everything You Need To Know
About American History But Never Learned
by Kenneth C. Davis

Generations and The Fourth Turning William Strauss and Neil Howe

Other Free Stuff

Environmental Economics
Videos Only

Economics I & II Course Materials

The Financial Crisis

History of Economic Thought 

History of Economic Thought Video   

Political Controversies examine poverty, middle class stagnation, politics and capitalism.

Video Lectures provide a quick review of concepts

1. Trump Keeping Economy In Good Shape?

2. Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?

3. Inflation Back Means Trouble?

4. Stock Market Too High?

5. U.S. Headed for Recession?

6. Trade Troubles

1. Trump Keeping Economy In Good Shape?


2. Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?


3. Inflation Back Means Trouble?


4. Stock Market Too High?


5. U.S. Headed for Recession?


6. Trade Troubles