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Unit 49 Using the Metric System

Match the metric term with its meaning.

1) liter _____

A) .001

2) gram

B) length

3) meter

C) .01

4) kilo

D) weight

5) centi

E) 1,000

6) milli

F) volume

Complete these equations.

7) 80 millimeters = __________ centimeters

8) 4.75 kilograms = __________ grams

9) 8,500 milliliters = __________ liters

10) 6,500 centimeters = __________ millimeters

11) 45, 550 milligrams = __________ grams

12) 10,000,000 milliliters = __________ liters

13) 100 kilograms = __________ centigrams

14) 10,000 decimeters = __________ decameters

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