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Unit 48 Measuring Distance, Weight, and Time

1. (3 qt. 2 pt.) + (4 qt. 3 pt.) =

2. (6 ft. 4 in.) - (4 ft. 8 in.) = 3. (5 hr. 55 min.)(4) =
4) Juan left New York at 10:40 am and arrived at his destination at 2:50 pm. How long was his flight?

5) Jean's flight left Boston at 11:40 am and arrived in Los Angeles at 2:10 pm. How long was her flight if she crossed 3 time zones?
6) Change 14.5 feet to inches.

7) Change 136 ounces to quarts.
8) Change 880 yards to miles.

Note: There are 5,280 ft. in a mile and 5,280 ft./3 ft. = 1,760 yards in a mile.

9) Change 792 square inches to square feet.

Note: 1 sq. ft. = (12 in.)(12 in.) =144 sq. in.

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