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Unit 42 Word Problems Using Percentages

Instructions: Solve these problems using the procedures outlined on page 112. Those viewing these pages at http://businessbookmall.com should click on Introduction to Multi-step Word problems for a copy of these procedures.


1) Pat worked harder at English and her average of 70 increased by 20%. What was her new average?

2) Mike would like to increase last year's ticket sales by 30%. He sold 40 tickets last year. How many must he sell this year?
3) Maria averages 15 of her basketball team's 45 point scoring average. The coach thinks the team needs 60 points to win the next game. How many points must Maria score to maintain her share of the team's points?

4) Betty earned $500 per week before her recent 8% raise. What was her take-home pay after her raise if 20% is taken out for taxes and insurance?

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