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Place the letter of each description next to the figure it describes.

1) _____equilateral triangle

A) a quadrilateral with opposite sides equal and parallel

2) _____ regular pentagon

B) total degrees in the angles of a triangle

3) _____ parallelogram

C) a triangle with all unequal sides

4) _____ 1800

D) a triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles

5) _____ hexagon

E) a figure with five equal sides

6) _____ right triangle

F) a six-sided polygon

7) _____obtuse triangle

G) a triangle with a 900 angle

8) _____ scalene triangle

H) a triangle with an angle larger than 900

9) _____ isosceles triangle

I) a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides

10) _____ trapezoid

J) a triangle with all sides and all angles equal