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Unit 28 Lines and Angles

Match each term with its description.

1) _____ straight angle

(A) an angle with 900

2) _____ obtuse angle

(B) add up to 1800

3) _____ acute angle

(C) an angle with more than 900and less than 1800

4) _____ vertex

(D) have more than 1800 and less than 3600

5) _____ right angle

(E) an angle with less than 900

6) _____supplementary angles

(F) where the sides of an angle intersect

7) _____ reflex angles

(G) an angle with 1800

8) _____ vertical angles

(H) form right angles

9) _____ perpendicular lines

(I) are equal

10) _____ complementary angles

(J) add up to 900

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