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Unit 19 Proportions

Find out if the following ratios are in proportion (equal) using cross multiplication.
1) 2:4 and 6:12

2) and

3) 2:5 and 11:20
Use cross multiplication to determine which fraction is larger.
4) and

5) and 6) and
Complete statements 7, 8, and 9 using either >, <, or =.

7) _____

8) _____

9) _____

10) 4 of 5 girls and 8 of 10 boys passed a recent English test.
Are these ratios in proportion?

11) A survey found that 5 of 9 students go to the library at least once a week. For honor students, the ratio was 18 to 25. Does one group have a higher ratio than the other?

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