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Management, The Practice of
Accounting for Managers has many concise booklets with exercises
Managing the Digital Enterprise
TES Connect has business resources for secondary education
The Cameron Balloon Factory is a useful case study.
12Manage is an online encyclopedia on management models, concepts and ideas Management
Business & Learning Connections has short video clips using experts from real businesses
Businessballs has career help, business training, innovative ideas, exercises, tools, templates.
Business Management Daily has reports on business, management, leadership, communication.
iMultimedia Documentation has multimedia documentation for both online and face to face courses.
PerfectCompetition is a free multiplayer online business strategy game
Presentation Helper  has advice and tips.

Management Theory

Competitive Strategies Class Notes
Quick MBA: Management, Law, Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Management  Theory Resources

Net MBA Business Knowledge Center on Accounting, Marketing, Finance...

Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories
Marketing Management Class Notes

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Free Management Library developed by Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting, LLC
Introduction to Organizations
Introduction to Management
Overview of Supervision
Supervisorial Development Planning
Management Development Planning
Overview of Organizational Leadership
Leadership Development Planning

2WayTrust has free resources to improve leadership and improving performance.

Improving Skills

Free Management Library is an integrated online library for nonprofits and for-profits.
Free, For-Profit Micro-eMBA (SM) 
Free, Nonprofit Micro-eMBA(SM

ALISON has essential skills training.
Better Management
Effective Public Speaking Skills has exercises to use to improve your presentations.
IT toolbox Project Management
Writing Services can help with difficult assignment

Small Business
Small Business Taxes Management
Online Guide To Starting A Small Business
State-By-State Small Business Resources
Articles about Entrepreneurship And Small Business by Peter I. Hupalo

Small Business Resources & Links Small Business Spreadsheet Factory

Career Info
The CEO Refresher
Vocational Career Information Center

Young Managers Up
is for students on the way UP!

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AllBusiness  has videos, podcasts that are mostly free.
Business Ethics
Biz/ed business studies, economics,  accounting, leisure, sport, recreation, travel, tourism

Management Thoughts from the Experts

MIT World Videos on Business/Leadership
MIT World Video on Innovation/Invention
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Open Learn Management Courses

Be a Better Manager
Creativity for Managers
Effective Team Management
The Art of Effective Time Management
Developing People - The Key to Success
The Art of Delegation
Effective Meeting Facilitation
Essentials Of Management
Great Managers
Being a Valuable Team Member
Building a Winning Team
Strategies for Managing Change
Etiquette in Business

Conflict Management
Change Management
Become A Great Interviewer
360 Degree Feedback
Electronic Etiquette
E-Mail Etiquette
Introduction to Creative Thinking
Group Dynamics
Introduction to Strategic Management
Managing Yourself
Maximum Managing People
Promoting Etiquette
Small Call Center Management
Training a new focus
Management Principles And Practices
Introducing ERP In The Organization
Liberating Leadership : A Manager's Guide To The New Leadership
Managing People
Strategic Management

Blogs for Managers

Young Managers Up
The 75 Best Business Blogs of 2009
Business Pundit
Conversations with Dina by Dina Mehta
Curious Cat Management Improvement
Evidence-based Management
Gautum Ghosh on Management
Business 360 is CNN International's business blog.
Thinking Managers

Reference Materials

Management Glossary
SkyMark's Free Quality Management Resource Center 
Management And Accounting Web  is like an encyclopedia
TheTimes100 has business studies resource for teachers and students.
The Business Resource Center from more business now
Institute of Management & Administration Page Business Management has thousands of free articles. 
MagPortal: Magazine Articles on Business
Current Business Knowledge@Wharton
Social Science Information Gateway









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Accounting, Managerial
Time Value of Money
Economics, 1 & 2
Statistic Using Excel
Statistics Using Minitab

Statistics Using SPSS
Statistics Using TI-84
TI-84 Instruction Sites 

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