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U.S. Wellbeing The Good&The Bad
1. Work 2. Education 3. Health 4. Safety 5. Poverty 6. Civility
. Taxes 8. Debt 9. Government 10. Geopolitics 11. Terror 12. Fake News   The Bottom Line     4/18/19  Please Share!

Prelude: John Mueller 1995 statement concerning Retrospection Bias
... no matter how much better the present gets, the past gets better faster..."
Golden ages " happen, but we are never actually in them: they are always back there somewhere.


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Basic Accounting Review Lecture Notes

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Basic Accounting Textbooks

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Bookboon accounting concepts is concise

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Accounting Cycle A Debit and Credit Approach
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Basic Accounting Review Lecture Notes

1. Overview

2. Accounting Equation

3. Accounting Principles

4. Analyzing Accounting Information

5. Time Value of Money

Review Notes: Complete Collection of 15


Tax Editorial

Tax Rates Low, Deficits High

A. Politics in Control

B. Legally Avoiding Taxes

C. Who Cheats and How

D. Taxing the Rich

E. Attitudes Toward Taxes

F. Would Rich Pay?

Career Advancement



Education Affects Income

Choosing a College/Major  

Majors Not Equal

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Self Improvement

Meeting People 

Overcome Negativity Bias

Understanding Media Negativity

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Correlation and Regression 


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Descriptive Statistics


Inferential Statistics

Algebra, Pre 

Complete Collection

0. Pre Test   

1. Help Passing A Math Test

2. Whole Numbers Help

3. Fractions

4. Decimals, Ratio, Rates, Percentages Proportions

5. Exponents, Algebra, Geometry

6. Formulas

7. Using Formulas to Solve Problems

8. Multi-step Word Problem

9. Graphs, Signed Numbers, Probability

Quick Studies 1-Page Academic Studies      1-Page Class Handouts

Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism       21st Century Geopolitical Options

U. S. Wellbeing: The Good and the Bad
1. Work   
2. Health   3. Poverty   4. Education   5. Taxes

6. Debt    7. Government  8. Civility   9. The Bottom Line


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Pre Algebra


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