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2024 Election Warnings Political Correctness   Storm Before the Calm   Trump's New Political Era?   Party Politics Problems    Presidential Power

ACT 52 Math Problem Types You'll See 20 min.

SAT and Act Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences/Series using TI84 27 Min.
SAT Math Test FULL Review of 50 Problems in Algebra, Geometry, Calculator & Non-Calculator   172 min.


     TI-84 Statistics Lectures many 1-10 min lectures

Statistics Sample Research Project Using TI-84 and other statistics software

Statistics Course Using TI-84.htm non-video collection has many practice problems


Algebra 12 min. and Factoring 9 min.

Linear Algebra MIT Open Courseware many 40 min videos


Calculus Using the TI-84 Plus 29 non-video modules


TI-84 Time Value of Money Learn about inters with 14 short videos


Calculating monthly car payments 8 min.


Putting Games On TI-83 TI-84