Statistics Videos Lectures Using Excel

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Many students are also using our
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Descriptive Statistics
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing

Tips and Tricks 4 min

Improve Efficiency 13 min

Experimental Design 6 min

Bad Data 35 min

Appropriate Application
Choosing Appropriate Test 
Application Tools


Research Project
Stastistics Lab Manuel

 Tests & Answers

Exam Help
. Problems & Solutions
2. Statistics Reviews
3. Test Prep

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Behavioral Science
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Statistics, Tests and Measurement, 4 Videos 
Each lasts about 15 minutes and provide a subjective overview. 

Descriptive Statistics
01: Intro To Excel 2007 for Statistics (10:09)
02: Calculations, Operators, Formulas (10:13)
03: Data Analysis Sorting & Pivot Tables 9:55
04: Frequency Pivot Table Chart Basics (10:13)
05: Cell References in Formulas (9:35)
Excel Statistics 03: Data Analysis Sorting & Pivot Tables (9:55)
Excel Statistics 08: Install Excel 2007 Data Analysis Add-in (2:44)
Excel Statistics 09: What Is Statistics? (10:28)
Excel Statistics 10: Data & Scales/Levels of Measurement (10:22)
Excel Statistics 11: Descriptive & Inferential Statistics (9:59)

Excel Statistics 24: Quantitative Freq. Dist. w Pivot Table (10:04)
Excel Statistics 25: % Freq. Dist.& Histogram w Pivot Table (10:02)
Excel Statistics 26: Cumulative Freq. Dist w Pivot Table (Running (8:29)
Excel Statistics 27: Dot Plot Chart w REPT & COUNTIF functions (8:58)
Probability is the mathematical basis for inferential statistics.
Excel Statistics 50: Probability I

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Hypothesis Testing is a logical approach to inferential statistics.
Excel Statistics 88: Confidence Interval & Hypothesis Tests (38:41)

Excel Statistics 92: Hypothesis Test T Distribution (6:46)
Excel Statistics 93: Hypothesis Test Proportions (7:18)

Regression is a special application of inferential statistics.

Correlation is an extension of regression.