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Statistics Test Review Notes
updated 7/28/19  

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Review 1 Descriptive Statistics
Formula Review

Review 2 Probability

Formula Review

Taxonomy of Statistics reviews what you will be studying Introduction to Probability 
Nature of Statistics and Measurement 
Measurement Scales

Addition Rule
Multiplication, Bayes' Law, Counting

Frequency Distributions


Binomial Probability Distribution    
Poisson Probability Distribution 
The Mean
Other Measures of Location
58 Continuous Normal Probability Distribution 
Measures of Dispersion     
Using Measures to Determine Variability

59 Using z     
60 Finding z   
Mean & Median and Mode for Grouped Data     
Nonsymmetrical Data and Skewness
61 Normal Approximation to a binomial
28 Dispersion of Grouped Data

29 Quartiles-Percentiles
66 Sampling Distribution of the Mean Mu     
67 Central Limits Theorem
  70 Population Proportion  
71Sample Size
Inferential Statistics
Formula Review

Review 3 Parametric Statistics 

Review 4 Nonparametric Statistics

Large Sample HT   
Two-tail test

chi-square, Goodness of Fit   
Test for independence  

Two large samples   
Type 2 error  

run test, one sample, one tail sign test  
Mann-Whitney test

one-tail of one sample proportion 
one & 2-tail of 2 sample prop 
one-tail, 1 small sample 
two-tail of 2 small samples, paired difference test

1two-tail of two sample sign test   
testing three medians using Kruskall-Wallis 

102 x-bar chart    
103 R & p charts


Review 5 Correlation/Regression
Correlation and Regression

108 sample variances, ANOVA  
109 Difference between 3 means


146 Correlation  
147 Coefficient. of Determination 

114 Two-Factor Analysis of Variance   
115 example, comparing 3 means

152 Regression      
153 Interval Estimate of a conditional mean