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One-Page Accounting
is fast with links for a
more complete explanation.

Financial Accounting For Owners,
 Managers, and Administrators
48 pages, no debits and credits  

Financial Accounting
 250 page debit and credit textbook with Lab Sets and solutions

Quick Notes Accounting Reviews
has fast and not-so-fast reviews

Financial Accounting Practice Sets
for those needing additional work.

Accounting Test Review Notes
 is a 48 page, seven tests reviews of
Accounting I and II.

Financial Accounting Tests with Answers help you prepare for tests.

The Accounting Cycle A Debit and Credit Approach 
Parts I and II of Our Financial Accounting Programmed textbook.


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Economics Interactive Class Notes with Links
is an Internet Textbook

Economics Test Review Notes

quickly does the basics

Quick Notes Economic Reviews
has fast and not-so-fast reviews

One Page Economic Issues
 have many questioning capitalism.

U.S. Government and Politics

Political Economy Debate Data    Two


Test-Prep Mathematics
reviews basic high school mathematics with
 49 one-page learning units plus section reviews and tests.

Quick Notes Mathematics Review
 basic high school mathematics with nine
2-page reviews.

Quick Notes Pre-Algebra Reviews
has fast and not-so-fast reviews


Quick Notes Statistics Reviews
has fast and not-so-fast reviews

Excel Statistics Lab Manual

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Political Economy
 Book Summaries

1-8 pages

Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How
They Changed America 1789-1989, 
by Michael Beschloss

Turning Points in American History
based on a Great Course Audio

Don't Know Much About History
 Everything You Need To Know
About American History But Never Learned
by Kenneth C. Davis

Presidential Politics Party Politics and
Presidential Elections  from 1788 to 2012

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power, 2012,
by Jon Meacham

Second Chance
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower
by Zbigniew Brzezinski

American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics
of Deceit in the House of Bush, by K. Phillips

A Very Brief U.S. History
Political Eras and Important Events

20th Century Decade Evaluation
Interaction of Politics and Economics

20th Century U.S. Decade Ranking
Which Decade Was Best, Worst?

Generations and The Fourth Turning
William Strauss and Neil Howe

US Political Eras
Political Eras One 1788 to 1892   pdf
Political Eras Two 1896 to 2016   pdf





US Political Economy
The Basics

Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic
  Building Our Democratic Federalist Republic
U.S. Political Economy
Political Economy Readings
Some States Wealthier Than Others
Thomas Jefferson Leader of the Opposition

Capitalistic Democracy
Run Government at a Profit

2016 Election Issues
Executive Summary
Solving the Deficit Problem Won't be easy.  
Can We Afford Entitlements
Existing? Additional?  
Solving the Lack of Good Jobs Affects many
Income Inequality Analysis, Affect on Growth, Cures
Income Stagnates
is a serious complicated issue.

Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989  By Michael Beschloss  

G. Washington created Executive Privilege pdf
J. Adams avoided a Quasi-War with France
which cost him reelection.
A. Jackson
took on eastern bankers because he
felt it had excessive power over farmers.
A. Lincoln required freeing the slaves
as a condition of saving the Union.

T. Roosevelt took on monopoly RR trusts to protect, farms and consumers from high prices.
FDR took the unpopular stance of planning for war
but still managed a third term and then a fourth term.
HT quickly recognize the new sate of Israel
in the face of pressure from all sides.
continued to push school integration
despite potential political pressures.
RR hastened the end of the Cold War
with massive deficit spending.

US Elections
Presidential Elections One 1778-1824   pdf
Presidential Elections Two 1828-1852      
Presidential Elections Three 1856-1892       

Presidential Elections Four 1896-1928   pdf
Presidential Elections Five 1932-72   pdf  
Presidential Elections Six 1976-2012