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Election Issues
are one-page summaries on the federal debt, health care, and education.
Consider them as you prepare for the election.

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Election Issues are one-page summaries on the federal debt, health care, and education.

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Free Books Summaries
will help understand important issues.

Others are a few dollars.

Free Book Summaries- 3 New York Times Bestsellers

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Including New York Times Bestsellers

Course Lectures from the Internet
Political Science

Political Science
Lecture Notes provides the big picture of the study of political science.
American Government and Politics is a well done, extensive, outline
Political Science 150 Class Notes from U. of Delaware
American Politics from San Francisco S. U. has many has good notes with interesting links.
Political Thought
Political philosophy overview from Wikipedia
Political Philosophy Lecture Notes from Dr. Robert Lane, U. of W. Georgia
Political Thought Open Course from MIT

Political Thought from America
American Political Thought from MIT
American Political Thought Since The Civil War Haverford College Politica Science Department
The American Presidency from the University of Illinois
US Political Thought from Department of Political Science, University of Oregon has notes by topic and readings from NET.

From MIT (There are many more.)
Fundamentals of Public Policy
Political Science Scope and Methods

American Political Science Review
Political Geography
American Journal of Political Science
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Annual Review of Political Science
Political Science Quarterly
Public Opinion Quarterly
Journal of Democracy
British Journal of Political Science
The Journal of Comparative Politics
Other Political Science Periodicals
From the Internet
Political Science Sites
William C Robinson of U.T. Knoxville
Early Political Documents and Papers
from the library of congress
Politics from CNN
H. T. Reynolds
Professor Emeritus of the U. of Delaware

Useful Sources of Information for students and others.
Games and simulations
Richard Kimbe
of the University of Keele has extensive links.
Political theory
International Relations
Political thought

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Free Courses
American Politics: Campaign Strategy - iTunes - Feed - MP3s UC Berkeley
International Politics - Feed - Johns Hopkins
Introduction to Political Philosophy - Download Course, Steven B. Smith, Yale
Introduction to Political Theory  - Video - UCLA
Issues in Foreign Policy after 911 - iTunes - Feed - MP3s - Harry Kriesler, UC Berkeley
Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning  - Video - Michael Sandel, Harvard
Politics and Strategy - Feed - MP3s - Kathleen Bawn, UCLA
Republicanism - Feed - Johns Hopkins
Theories of Law and Society - iTunes - Feed - David Lieberman, UC Berkeley
Undergrad Colloquium on Political Science - iTunes - Feed - Alan Ross, UC Berkeley

Princeton University's
Woodrow Wilson School of Public
and International Affairs Videos

 "Defending Human Rights in Times of Terror"
The Honorable Dorit Beinisch, President of the Supreme Court of Israel, April 16, 2009 -
Click here to stream using Adobe Flash

 "Justice After Bush" Public Panel Discussion:
March 10, 2009 - Click here to stream using Adobe Flash

"The New Liberalism," George Packer
February 5, 2009 - Click here to stream using Adobe Flash

Reclaiming Conservatism: "How a Great American Political Movement Got Lost -
And How It Can Find Its Way Back"
  April 29, 2008 -

For More visit Princeton University: WebMedia - Lectures

Free Reading Materials

Cyber Reserve Rome from the U of DEL
A Machiavellian Perspective of the Middle East Conflict
Barack Obama Speeches 2002-2009
Highbrows in American Politics
In the Arena: Stories of Political Life: Booth Tarkington
Others free books from
320 - Political Science
321 - Systems of Governments & States
322 - Relation of State to Organized Groups
323 - Civil & Political Rights
324 - The Political Process
325 - International Migration & Colonization
326 - Slavery & Emancipation
327 - International Relations
328 - The Legislative Process
329 - Reserved

Public Opinion Resources  
American National Election Study  
Berkeley Data Archive
Criminal Justice Statistics Center
Global Terrorism Resource Database
Pew Center for People and the Press  
Public Agenda
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
The General Social Survey  
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  
Washington Post Data Directory  
Help Writing a Paper
Barry Bluestone discusses the polarization of American society"
Democratic Capitalism vs. Capitalistic Democracy

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