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Students Personal Finance Internet Library

Post Graduation Retirement Planning

Refinancing Federal Student Loans- What You Should Consider

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New Index has many interesting topics.

Senior Citizens


BenefitsCheckUp help seniors with prescription drugs, energy assistance, food stamps.

Reverse Mortgages from AARP

Seniors and Addiction/ resource for seniors with substance abuse and addiction problems from

The Case for Phased Retirement


5 Steps to Successful Budgeting

5 Free Financial Software Alternatives To Quicken

Free Budgeting Software
Click on disk  to install free budgeting software from Alux Scott Accounts.
After using it, you should upgrade, it's worth the money.

Home Budget Calculator from Dinkytown
free, fast, easy upgrades are Expensive

AceMoney Lite - Free Personal Finance Manager

Something for Everyone

10 Bad Habits that Lead to Debt Disaster from MSN Money

Money 101 from CNN

The Dave Ramsey Internet Show

Personal Finance Columnist and Author Gail Marks Jarvis

Kelley Blue Book for New and Used Cat Prices

Save is for beginners.

Practical Money Skills for Life from VISA is comprehensive.

Consumer Jungle

Motley Fool

The Universal Currency Converter

GuideStar will allow you to study a nonprofit asking for donations. It requires a registration.  Look for Form 990 for high salaries and salaries of the Board of Directors.

Government Help

Visit -
the basics about financial education. Whether you are planning to buy a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401k, the resources on can help you do it better. Throughout the site, you will find important information from 20 federal agencies government wide

Visit Money Smart - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recognizes the importance of financial education, particularly for people with little or no banking experience. That's why they created Money Smart, a training program to help adults outside the financial mainstream enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships.

Federal Rules Make It Easier for Student Loans Forgiveness

Bankers Ease Rules on Automatic Student Loan Defaults

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Dr. Barbara O'Neill, CFP® of Rutgers U.

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Money Essentials from CNN covers priorities, insurance  estate planning .... with quizzes glossaries of important terms....

Family Finance from Utah State University is rigorous with a textbook, syllabus, unit reviews and assignments.

Money Management International: streamline budgets, learn about finance, tools to answer question..

Fundamentals of Personal Financial from U Cal-Irvine’s is a  college course for credit or for fun.

Planning Secure Retirement from Purdue has interactive quizzing, personality profiles risk tolerance calculators.

Personal Finance  from Open Learn lets you design course level from introductory to advanced