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Excel Grade Tracker from MIT
Elementary Grade book and Dittos free/pay stuff.
Microsoft Excel Teacher Network
Excel Spreadsheets for Teachers
Excel for teachers - Google Books
Excelets are interactive Excel spreadsheets or simulations of mathematical models.
Excel In the Classroom: What's the hype?
Excellent Middle School Math Lessons

Grade Book for Elementary Teachers
K-12 Excel Modules beginner/advanced
LT Technologies - Spreadsheet Links,
Guides, Lesson Plans, Tutorials

Great Excel Links

For Teachers of Statistics Using Excel

Statistic Video Lectures Using Excel
Practice Statistics Tests Using Excel
Directions For A Sample Research Project
Statistics Tests with Answers 
helps prepare for tests.

Excel Blogs

Daily Dose of Excel

Excel Pragma

Brian Jones: Office XML Formats

is in Spanish
Super Spreadsheets

Excel Geek

David Gainer's Blog

Excel Forum

Free Templates

Improve your excel has over
1000 free Excel tutorials and tips.

Business Applications from OzGrid
Excel Spreadsheets from M. H. Evan
brainybetty Excel Sheets
Excel Templates from Vertex^42

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Research Paper Guidance

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A Lifelong Math Teacher's Reflections from editor and Quick Notes author Mr. A