Journalism Internet Library


Journalism Internet Library

General Purpose Sites

Poynter Online Helps do the job and to serve the communities.
The Investigative Guide to Internet Research

Institute for Analytic Journalism
Investigative Reporters and Editors
Teaching Online Journalism is an interesting blog
Ultimate guide to Twitter tools and resources for journalists
UC-Berkeley tutorials
The Wayward Press Amateur Hour: Journalism without journalists
By Nicholas Lemann
The Business and Future of Journalism from Arizona State University
Multi-Ethnic Reporting/Journalism

Key Web Sites for Specialized Reporting is for radio and TV journalism.

Journalism Ethics   
Accuracy in Media    
Indiana University Ethics Case Studies 



For Students

30 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

aejmc scholarship/aejmc

Journal of Young Investigators helps with job applying and interviewing

100 Places to Shop for Stories has How I wrote the story’ has materials for disasters and traumatic events is a resource site for newsroom trainers.

Top 100 US Works of Journalism of the 20th Century

Investigative Journalism Syllabi

Digital Journalism, course syllabus with great links.


New WhiteSmoke 2009




Online Journalism from Professor Mindy McAdams
the Knight Professor of Journalism at the University of Florida
for more visit

Introduction To Online Journalism/

Online Journalism from Dr. Jay Rochlin, The University of Arizona

USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review is an important source for the latest information and commentary about online journalism. is the publication of the Online News Association.

PressThink is a blog by Jay Rosen, professor of journalism, New York University.New York Univerisity.

A Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

Online Media Jobs

The Poynter Institute is one of the nation’s most useful sources for keeping up on journalism generally.

This is Poynter’s page about online journalism.

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media


General Sites

BBC News
Google News
Online News Squared
Reinventing College Media
Online Journalism Blog
Online Journalism Review
Daily Briefing /
The Editors Weblog
Media Bistro
Online News Association
Media Lens

Free Press/Free Speech
Reporters Without Borders
Map: World Press Freedom

Online Media Awards

CommArts Interactive Annual 11
Webby Awards

Useful Sites by Professor McAdams

Online Journalism
Resources for Web Workers
McAdams Quick HTML Page
Tips for Writing for the Web
Online Media Types
Blog Research
Verifying Information on the Web



All about typography from
Color Theory: Overview
Journalism 2.0 

Journalism 2.0 How to Survive and Thrive: A digital literacy guide for the information age. by Mark Briggs

Business Journalism: A Vanishing Necessity?
I’m curious as to why they limited this to business journalism . . .
Listen to this podcast


usf journalism blog: The Syllabus for David Silver's Digital ..

Resource Shelf for professionals, educators and journalists

Planet MySQL

Faneuil Media blog

Teaching Online Journalism blog.