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Basic Investing

Investing For Your Future, a home study course
The Investment Process from the National Association of Securities Dealers
Interesting Topics

Investment Reference Material
Current Market News
Strategies with a little Mathematics, Investor Mathematics, Valuing Stock
Strategies for the Mathematical, Internet Investment Sites, Help for a Fee

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Basic Investing

Basic Investing Principles  from AARP briefly describes conservative investing.
Investment FAQ
has good information on basic investing.
Stocks and Bonds for Beginners  is concise.
Corporate Bonds Basics from PIMCO
Why Invest In Mutual Funds?
Personal Finance Course - Dr. Barbara O'Neill, CFP®
10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial - 10 Questions to Ask

Investing For Your Future, a home study course
Nancy M. Porter, Ph.D., CFCS, Clemson University Cooperative Extension

Unit 1:  Basic Building Blocks of Successful Financial Management
Unit 2:  Investing Basics
Unit 3:  Finding Money to Invest
Unit 4:  Equity Investing
Unit 5:  Fixed-Income Investing
Unit 6:  Investing in Mutual Funds
Unit 7:  Tax-Deferred Investing
Unit 8:  Investing With Small Dollar Amounts
Unit 9:  Getting Help: Investing Resources
Unit 10: Selecting Your Team of Financial Professionals
Unit 11: Investment Fraud
Order Forms for Printed Copy
Topics and Authors
Action Steps

Study Guide
Glossary of Terms
Ask the Experts
Additional Resources
2003 Tax Law Summary
IFYF Recognition
Monthly IFYF Investment Message
View the Investing for Your Future
website at Rutgers University

Financial Industry Regulator Authority has this information

Protect Yourself

Smart Investing

Market Data

Live Investment Advice

Interesting Topics

The Pain of Capital Gain
from Pacific Life
Understanding Variable Annuities
from Pacific Life, be sure to click next at lower right.
Asset Allocation
from Pacific Life, be sure to click next at lower right.
Dollar Cost Averaging
from Pacific Life, be sure to click next at lower right.
Why Invest In Mutual Funds from Pacific Life, be sure to click next at lower right.

Investment Reference Material

Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary  is comprehensive.

InvestorWords.com - Investing Glossary

Pensions & Investments Magazine NEW
Stock and Commodity Exchanges
GoodMoney.com has information about socially responsible investing.

Current Market News

is a general purpose site with much information.
Howe Street Financial News has interesting audio/video market reports.
10k Wizard has access to SEC 10Ks.
U.S. Economy from Yahoo has most news plus radio.
Oil and Gas from Yahoo has most news plus radio
OANDA for foreign exchange quotes
PC Quote  U.S. and Canadian stocks, U.S. corporate bonds, NASDAQ-money market and mutual funds, and US options, commodities, and commodity options
UBS Quotes
for interest rate information





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