Economic History

History of Economic Thought

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1) From Feudalism to Capitalism

2) Mercantilism

3) Physiocrats

12)l Traveling Merchant, Distributing Surplus

17) Marshal

Additional Audios and Videos

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Courses Great Depression

Our video collection includes interviews with many of the world's most prominent economists, as well as An Animal That Trades, a biographical video series about the life and relevance of Adam Smith.

All our videos feature complementary questions for further thought and discussion, and can be easily used as student assignments as well. Our interviewees include:





Chapter 1, part 5 of 5



The Market System and Circular Flow
Chapter 2, part 1 of 3

Chapter 2, part 3 of 3

Another view of the
Circular Flow of Income  8.19


United States and the Global Economy

Chapter 5, part 1 of 5