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Election Issues, one-page summaries on the federal debt, health care, and education.
Consider them as you prepare for the election.

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History/Politics Book Summaries  

History Using Quick Notes concise info on history, politics, understanding today



History and Literature
UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy

Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Videos

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NATO Video Lecture Series            Seminar in Historical Methods from MIT
From UC Berkeley    US History: from Civil War to Present  
European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present
America Studies Institute Videos
Literary Podcasts         Download Squad       Project Gutenberg   Podcasts (Library of Congress)

UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy


Berkeley Synthetic Biology Town Hall Meeting


John Dilulio, Jr.: What Would Franklin Do? A Centrist Civic
Primer on Religion, Politics, and Community-Serving Programs


Robert Klein: A Conversation on Stem Cell Research


A Conversation with Ambassador Joseph Wilson, IV


Robert Reich: How Unequal Can America Get Before We  Snap?


Warren Beatty: 2005 Commencement Address


Irshad Manji - Confessions of a Muslim Dissident:
Why I Fight for Women, Jews, Gays...and Allah


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Environment, Health and Democracy



Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Videos

Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State:
"Promoting Democracy: Fourteen Points for the 21st Century"
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April 28, 2006

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Book Look TV
Musicianship I--Sofia Open Content Initiative

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The 5 Minute University is funny, or is it!
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has a little economics and is fun.

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LibriVox has public domain audio books.

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BBC - Challenging the Global Order
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BBC - Stephen Hawkings’ 60th Birthday
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Education Podcast Network
Fathom Source for Online Learning (Columbia)
FETP OpenCourseWare (Vietnam)
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Georgetown University Forum
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Harvard - Homeric Odyssey Course
Higher Education Academy Economics Network
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Japan OCW Alliance
John Hopkins School of Public Health OCW
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LIFESIGN Life Science Videos (University of Glamorgan & Consortium)
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MIT World
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MSRI Video

Nobel Prize Lectures
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