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Calculus 78p, 138p

U.S. Political Economy

U.S. Government and Politics
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U.S. Political Economy

U.S. Government and Politics


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Proposed Education Manifesto
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U.S. Political Economy
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 Proposed Education Manifesto
Election Issues Executive Summary      Election Issues 2016

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Readings: Our Democratic Federalist Republic

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Financial Accounting programmed text.
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Financial Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators
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Middle School Math-Grade 6--CK12
Middle School Math-Grade 7--CK12

Mathematics Review two-page reviews 
Quick Notes Pre-Algebra Reviews a good SAT review
Middle School Mathematics Quizzes
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Algebra I--CK12
A First Course in Linear Algebra--CLRN

Financing a Fiat application problem
Advanced Algebra 2-- CLRN 
Linear Algebra -- CLRN by Paul Dawkins 
Linear Algebra --CLRN by Jim Hefferon

Basic Geometry--CK12 
Geometry By Grade--CK

Trigonometry --CLRN by Michael Corral

Precalculus from CNX 
Calculus--CLRN DTI3 
Calculus Interactive Mathematics

Life Science Concepts, Middle School
Teen Health Literacy 

Keeping Skin Healthy
Biology CK12
Biology I--CK12

Biology I Workbook--CK12
Biology I - -Honors DT3 --CLRN
Chemistry Grade 10 [CAPS]
Chemistry Engineering: An Intro. for High School--CK12
Concept Development Studies in Chemistry

Engineering Problems with Matlab
Nano Science Student Problems--CK12s

NASA’s Aerial Survey of Polar Ice Expands Its Arctic Reach
Earth Science Grades 6-9 CK
Earth Systems Earth Sci. Grades 9-10
Earth Science-HS-- CK12

Earth Science HS- - CA DTI 3
NASA’s Aerial Survey of Polar Ice Expands Its Arctic Reach
Nature Videos

Physics, Basic--CK12 Basic Physics II, Basic--CK12
Physics, Honors
Physics, Motion Mountain Adventure
Light and Matter--CLRN by Dr. B Crowell

Probability and Statistics-Short Course, Basic--CK12
Probability/Statistics Full Course, Basic--CK12
Probability/Statistic Probability and Statistics--CK12
Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel.

Probability Introduction to --CLRN
Probability and Statistics--Advanced

Probability and Statistics--AP

Probability and Statistics (AP)
Research Paper Guidance
Statistics Connexions, Collaborative

US History Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic from Quick Notes
Brief, Objective, Uncensored  

U.S. History 1900-2016
US Political Economy
Political Economy 1788-2016
U.S. Government and Politics
Building America's Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic 1619 to 1973
A Very Brief U.S. History
U.S. Economic History 1900-2016

Turning Points in American History Summary
Presidential Courage Summary

Statistics One-Page Handouts
Statistics is a free programmed text with complete solutions.
Mathematics and SPSS Review   A Taxonomy of Statistics   A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics
Formula Reviews 
Descriptive Statistics  
Probability, The Basis for Inferential Statistics   
Inferential Statistics
Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics   Correlation and Regression
 Basic Practice Problems    Categorizing Statistics Problems helps with formula selection.
Problems in Excel Descriptive Statistics  Answers   Probability  Answers 
Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing and Answers plus 3 Statistics Tests with Answers for
Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Hypothesis Testing

Geekability and Statistics Go Well Together and are can be important for success.


Wiki Junior Solar System

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Social Science

U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

Economics Class Notes with Links

Economics AP Videos

Econ Test Review Notes

Econometrics for Honors Students

Presidential Election Issues

Psychology college one semester

Psychology pdf

U.S. Government, Ben's Guide: 9-12 

U.S. History - Basic Mobile e-books

History Audio Books

U.S. History - Advance

world history video 19 min.

History of the United States very 
advance audio book from LibriVox
Search archives Charles A Beard
Paper version is easily searchable by topic.

Our Democratic Federalist Republic and
more readings & videos

Turning Points in American History

Political Controversies

Political Economy Historical Summaries

Research Paper Guidance

War On Terror: Who Are We Fighting?

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Professor A's Student and Parent Advice

Readings in American History  
These brief interactive notes are appropriate
for Internet research and writing assignments.

Summaries of Published Books
Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and
How They Changed America 1789-1989 by M. Beschloss
Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power 2012 J. Meacham
Presidential Politics
Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012 by Walter Antoniotti
Second Chance Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower by Zbigniew Brzezinski
American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush by Kevin Phillips
Don't Know Much About History
 Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned, by K. Davis
2015 Political Controversies examine poverty, middle class stagnation and politics.

Very Quick Historical Summaries
Turning Points in American History W. Antoniotti
A Very Brief U.S. History Political Eras and Important Events
20th Century Decade Evaluation

Interaction of Politics and Economic

Recent U.S. Decades Ranked by Problems

Best, Worst?
Pass Fail Analysis of US Presidents
Most Severe US Recessions
Presidential Politics Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012
The War On Terror Who Are We Fighting is a comprehensive many one-page Middle -East topics.
Presidential Election Issues

Education Libraries
Educating Class of 2030
Education Libraries
Economics of College Education

Education Observations/Leaders
Education Reform 

Excel Stuff for Teachers
Individualized Curriculums

Videos from Internet 

Virtual Learning
Data Analysis, Stats, Probability K-12
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
Learning Math Videos: Geometry K-8
AP Video Lectures   

Thanks! Walter Antoniotti

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Improving Education Materials

Changing Education Paradigms 
is an 11 minute video from the Royal
Society or the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  It is the most significant analysis of Western education
 I've encountered since I began teaching in 1966.

5 Bad Education Assumptions
the Media Keeps Recycling Were

 Number Umpteenth the Myth 
of Lagging US Schools

Homework an Unnecessary Evil 
Surprising Findings
 from New Research

Educational Observations
of Academic, Political, Business and Economic Leaders Provide the Key to Educational Improvement

The Long Shadow of Race, Class and Privilege in Baltimore 1 of 5 by Karl L. Alexander the Chair and John Dewey Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

Reflections of a Life-Long Teacher          Please  

Reforming Education

Based Upon the Above Information I Submit

Educating the Class of 2030  is based upon these

  Proposed Education Axioms and Postulates.    Thanks! Walter Antoniotti