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Excel Statistics Lab Manual

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Pre Algebra Mathematics

Mathematics Review reviews Pre Algebra
and GED Mathematics with nine
two-page reviews

Middle School Math-Grade 6--CK12
Middle School Math-Grade 7--CK12

Algebra I--CK12
A First Course in Linear Algebra--CLRN
Advanced Algebra 2-- CLRN

Linear Algebra -- CLRN by Paul Dawkins
Linear Algebra --CLRN by Jim Hefferon

Basic Geometry--CK12
Geometry By Grade--CK

Trigonometry --CLRN by Michael Corral 

Precalculus from CNX
Calculus--CLRN DTI3

Calculus CLRN

Probability and Statistics (AP)

Special Math Sites

Mathematics Internet Library

Math, Interactive,
where you learn math by playing


Wiki junior Solar System

Earth Science (Grades 6-9) CK

Earth Systems Earth Sci. Grades 9-10

Earth Science-HS-- CK12

Earth Science HS- - CA DTI 3

Nature Videos
Lindau Collection 08 - 13

Biology-- CK12

Biology I--CK12

Biology I Workbook--CK12

Biology I - -Honors DT3 --CLRN



Education Libraries

Advice for Students  
Educating Class of 2030

Education Libraries
Economics on Education
Economics of College Education
Education Editorials  

Education Observations/Economists
Education Observations/Leaders

Education Improvements
Education Reform 
Educational Video/Audios
Excel Stuff for Teachers

German Education System
Individualized Curriculums
Tech Based Education
















Chemistry Grade 10 [CAPS] Chemistry Workbook--CK12
Chemistry Engineering: An Intro. for High School--CK12
Concept Development Studies in Chemistry-- Connexions

Engineering Problems with Matlab, Intro.  to Solving--CK12

NanoSense Student Problems--CK12s

Basic Physics, Basic--CK12 Basic Physics II, Basic--CK12
Physics, Honors

Light and Matter--CLRN by Dr. B Crowell

Physics, The Adventure of--Motion Mountain

Probability and Statistics-Short Course, Basic--CK12

Probability/Statistics Full Course, Basic--CK12
Probability/Statistic Probability and Statistics--CK12
Statistics Connexion
s, Collaborative
Statistics is a programmed text.
Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel.
Probability Introduction to --CLRN
Probability and Statistics--Advanced

Probability and Statistics--AP

Social Science

Economics Interactive Class Notes with Links
Econ Test Review Notes 
Econometrics for Honors Students

Psychology college one semester

US Government & Politics
Government & Politics, AP



Financial Accounting is a programmed text.
Financial Accounting Practice Sets 
Financial Accounting For Owners,
Managers, and Administrators

Collection of Best
Improving Education Materials

Changing Education Paradigms
is an 11 minute video from the Royal Society
for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures
and Commerce. It is the most significant
analysis of Western education I've encountered
since I began teaching in 1966.

Educational Observations
of Academic, Political, Business and Economic Leaders
 Provide the Key to Educational Improvement

The Long Shadow of Race, Class
and Privilege in Baltimore 1 of 5
by Karl L. Alexander
the Chair and John Dewey
Professor of Sociology,
Department of Sociology,
Johns Hopkins University

Five Bad Education Assumptions
the Media Keeps Recycling

Were Number Umpteenth the Myth
of Lagging US Schools

Homework an Unnecessary Evil
Surprising Findings from New Research


Free Book Summaries- 3 New York Times Bestsellers














Education Books

Arts & Sciences
 Subjects Libraries

Criminal Justice

Current Events
History Book Summaries
Human Rights
Language Arts, Lit.

Meeting People  

Political Science
Poly Sci Book Summaries
Research Paper

Statistic Using Excel
Statistics Using Minitab

Statistics Using SPSS
Statistics Using TI-84
TI-84 Instruction Sites 
Time Value of Money

Virtual Learning     

Book Summaries
2-8 pages

Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How They
Changed America 1789-1989
by Michael Beschloss,

Presidential Politics
Party Politics and Presidential
Elections  from 1788 to 2012

Thomas Jefferson
The Art of Power, 2012,
by Jon Meacham

Generations and
The Fourth Turning
William Strauss
and Neil Howe

Second Chance
Three Presidents and
 the Crisis of
America Superpower
by Zbigniew Brzezinski

American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and
 the Politics of Deceit
 in the House of Bush
by K. Phillips

Don't Know Much
About History
Everything You Need
To Know About
American History But
Never Learned
 by Kenneth C. Davis


Internet Libraries

Free Stuff
For Students


History Using
Quick Notes

book reviews

College Courses
Video Lectures

for AP classes