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Accounting Software
QuickBooks starter edition and QuickBooks Financial Video Tutorial
OSAS-Open Source Accounting Suite include reporting, budgeting tools, general ledger cost accounting ...
GnuCash  includes graphing, reporting, stock and expense tracking, invoicing ...
Quasar Accounting works with Linux or Windows and is similar to QuickBook
Office Accounting Express 2009 from Microsoft is for those who use pen and paper or a spreadsheet to manage their finances.
Accounting Software Version 2.0 Support Chain Technology has free accounting support chat from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST
KMyMoney  for Linux users, KMyMoney is free personal financial management software
FreshBooks - The Fastest Way to Invoice Your Clients

Accounting Software directory of software demos, webcasts, case studies and white papers for the accounting software industry.
5 Free Financial Software Alternatives To Quicken
SusanCrosson discusses which popular accounting software.

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Addup is multipurpose for Windows.
AllerCalc lets you enter an expression to be evaluated. has many business and personal calculators
codecogs mathematics, statistics, finance, science, engeneering 
Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Microsoft Math Calculator Calculus, Statistics, Trig and Linear Algebra fro 32 and 64 bit machines
GraphPad QuickCalcs:
statistics calculator, Basic
Statistical Tools on the Web
Statistical Software
Super Calc scientific calculator
Computer Science experts can help
Wordpress blogging tool
blogging tool
Twitter micro blogging tool
Edublogs blogging tool for educators
Slideshare Hosting / sharing presentations
Thunderbird Email client
Google Sites
create simple, secure group websites
Notepad HTML and text editor
Website Design Software
blist social network centered on an online relational database
online Project Management, group collaboration and document sharing - Create a free chatroom
Personal time management software
PhotoStory create slideshows using your digital photos.
Voicethread Create collaborative, commented text/audio)
Google Groups Discuss online with others in your group
Yahoo Groups Group online space
100 Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve All Your Goals | Best Online Colleges

Desk Top Publishing
Scribus Desktop Publishing

Serif Page Plus SE
Office Software experts can help.


Improve Your Resume by passing Certification Tests.

MS Excel 2003 Test
MS Excel 2007 Test
MS Word 2007

Office Skills

Other Computer and Management Certification Tests


Information Management
Backpack keep your to-dos, notes, ideas and your calendar together
Moodle course Management Software
Business Planning Software will help grow your business.
Jott voice to text
CourseLab Course authoring tool
SMART interactive whiteboard interactive whiteboard tools
Drupal content management system
Joomla content management system
Remember the Milk manage your tasks
OneNote personal Information Manager
manage and track projects
gantt project
6 Microsoft freebies I actually love to use

Equation Grapher also does regression analysis.
Peanut Software does statistics, discrete math, matrix computations plus geometric, fractals, and function graphs.
Math Tutors can help with difficult mathematics assignments.

Other Sites have free mathematics and statistics software

Math Tools from Math Forum.
Live Programming Help!

Operating Systems
Open Source for Windows XP and Vista
Open Source Mac - Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X

Remote Access
LogMeIn Free

Other Sites have free statistics software
Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Statistical Tools on the Web

Statistic Software from Stat Page  
Statistics Software and Data Sets from Stat Lib
Statcato has

Open Office Suite
OxygenOffice Pro Enhanced version of original contains more extras like templates, clip art, samples and fonts.
Google Docs and spreadsheets
Lotus Symphony 1.1

Neo J Office
Star Office Software
Think Free
Google Pack has utilities to enhance computer performance and much more.
599 CD Software Tutorials specializes in Microsoft products.
gOFFICE lets you finished result is PDF
Tax Preparation
Intuit TurboTax Online

TaxACT 2008 Online Standard Classic
Word Processors
Google Docs

Zoho Writer
Adobe Buzzword
ThinkFree Office Write
Microsoft Office Web

Other Free Computer Software Sites

Active Free Stuff
Students autodesk
101 useful software add-on websites
Essential Web Tools for Virtual Students
Software Tutorial Internet Library
Excel Internet Library
Word Internet Library
Best Free Software - School Computing
Confessions of a freeware junkie is an interesting blog.

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