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Information Management.
Artificial Intelligence     
Exercises    Exercises 2

From Bookboon
Business Information Management 
Exercises  From Bookboon
Business-information-systems  From Bookboon
Cryptography and its applications
Decision Making Support Systems   From Bookboon

Discounted Textbooks save up to 30% at
From Bookboon
Information Age, The
Information Infrastructure, Nets, Webs and
Info Syst: A managers guide to harnessing IT
Internet Governance

Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Info Economy

IT Management   and 
From Bookboon

IT-Business Alignment: Part I and
IT-Business Alignment: Part II and

IT Strategy & Technology Innovation From Bookboon

Mathematics for Computer Scientists
Media security From Bookboon
Network applications, tech and implications
Perl for beginners  
From Bookboon
Policing Cyber Crime
Relational Database Theory   Exercises   sql a comparative-survey  Bookboon
Simulations, Understanding Computer  From Bookboon
Statistics Course Using Excel
Statistics Course Using Minitab
Statistics Course Using SPSS
Statistics Course Using TI-84
Systems Thinking and Practice
Top Selling Information Management Audio Books
Wireless Networking for the Developing World
(available in Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Test-Prep Mathematics
reviews Pre Algebra GED mathematics.
Mathematics Review
 has 9 two-page review.
Pre Algebra Mathematics Course starts from the beginning.
Algebra 1 & 2 Free Internet Courses
Linear Algebra, A First Course
Calculus Books on the Web
Calculus Lecture Notes Page

Calculus, 1, 2, & 3 Video Lectures
Calculus I, 2, 3 Courses
Chemistry, Organic

Abstract Algebra
Top Selling Mathematics Audio Books
Mathematics Learning Center
Mathematics Review
has 9 two-page reviews of GED math.
Mathematics Textbooks-Online list many upper level books.
Mathematics Tutors
help with difficult mathematics assignments.
reviews GED mathematics.
Mathematics Writing
is by Donald E. Knuth of Stanford.
Probability and Statistics Class Notes
calculus required

Dave's Short Trigonometry Course 
Free Book Center-Mathematics has upper level free e-books.

Computers and Programming 
Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Stat Modeling in Computer, From
Ada Programming
Business eBooks are less expensive.

C++ Video Lectures
C# Programming  from Wikibooks
Programming Fundamentals: A Modular Structured Approach Using C++
Computer Science, A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science
Computers Work, How

Computing Life explores ways scientists, artists are computing life
Excel Internet Library has free stuff
Excel, Quick Notes Statistics Course Using MicrosoftTM
books, homework, tests
History of Programming Languages
Information Systems
Java Programming from Wikibooks
Knowing Knoppix
Linux Programming, Advances
MS Vista Software/Hardware Compatibility Issues, A Technical Guide to
NLP Concept (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Audio Course)
Object-Oriented Programming, Principles of Java syntax primer, glossary, problems,
Prolog     Applications of Prolog
Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation
Unix, Guid to
VB.NET, Introduction to Programming and Programming concepts, Using
Visual Basic 6-0
Visual Event Computing
Word Internet Library
XML: Managing Data Exchange
Other Collections of Computers and Programming

Other Collections
uBusiness Software
Computer Science/Programming  Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
Computer Books from Textbooks Revolution
Computer Science Materials U of Albany
Online Books in Computer Science
Free Book also has many computer/mathematic books.
Programming and Computer Science

programming ebooks
Software Tutorials
Statistics Books
has many free programming books.