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Including New York Times Bestsellers

Free Book Summaries- 3 New York Times Bestsellers
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has a fine business collection.



Free Book Summaries- 3 New York Times Bestsellers


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Advertising, Promotion in Real Time

Advertising Audio Books Top Selling

Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators

Article Marketing For Promotion and Profit, EffectiveOther Free Business Stuff

Bloggers, Best e-books for

Business Book Summaries, Top Selling

Business eBooks are less expensive.

Buzz or Zap? from Bookboon

Case Studies

     Companies at a Crossroads MIT Case Study

     Corning Incorporated: The Growth and Strategy Council

     DeBeers's Diamond Dilemma MIT Case Study

     Ecommerce at Yunnan Lucky Air Case study from Yale

     Eli Lilly: Recreating Drug Discovery for 21st Century MIT Case Study

Core Concepts of Marketing

Customer Relationship Management from textbook revolution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Bookboon

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective (2nd ed.


eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing

e-book.com has a fine business collection.

International Marketing, from Textbook Media, 
Internet free, printable and paper version cost a few dollars.

Internet Marketing Internet Technology in Marketing

Internet Marketing from Bookboon

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategy, Developing an from Bookboon

Marketing-All About

Marketing Tutors can help  

Marketing - Core  Concepts of

Marketing Hyperbook

Marketing information & communications technology (ICT)

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Marketing, Effective

Marketing, Introducing from Global Text

Marketing-Introduction to class notes

Marketing, Introducing

Marketing, Principles, from Textbook Media, 
Internet free, printable and paper version cost a few dollars.

Marketing Learning Center

Marketing Experts can help with difficult projects.

Technology and Markets

Top selling Business Book Summaries

Marketing Research and Information Systems

Marketing Research

Marketing Research Methods, Basics of

Marketing Research - Exercise Book

Marketing Research Audio Books, Top Selling

Marketing Software will help grow your business.

Marketing -Sports has summaries of chapters and Internet exercises.

Marketing, Strategic, from Textbook Media

Marketing, Strategic from Bookboon

Marketing-Visionary is marketing-orientated to information system

Mathematical Marketing

Media and Cultural Theory from Bookboon

Research Methods, Business from Bookboon

Research, Essentials of Marketing Research from Bookboon

Research, Essentials of Marketing: Exercises from Bookboon

Sales Management covering managing a sales force.

Sales Management: 
Teamwork, Leadership, and Technology

Social marketing

The Market-Led Organisation from CCOTC

SPSS, TI-84, MiniTab, SAS, StataQuest, and Excel
Video Tutorials

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Warehouse & Distribution Science Instructor materials are provided.

Warehouse and Distribution Science

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Free Marketing Book Summary


Business eBooks
are less expensive.