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Analysis and Linear Algebra for Finance: Part I from Bookboon

Applied Quantitative Finance
Business Book Summaries are frees

Corporate Finance
provided by EBOOKEE has a fine business collection.
Finance Audio Books from
Financial Analysis

from Bookboon
Financial Decision-making & Investor Behavior from Bookboon
Financial Markets course materials Yale

Financial Mathematics - The The Basics of
Finance Online Courses
Financial Numerical Recipes in C++
Global Imbalances and the Collapse of Globalised Finance


International Financial Reporting from Bookboon

Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses from Bookboon
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses: Exercises

Public Finance

Randomness and Optimal Estimation in Data Sampling
SPSS, TI-84, MiniTab, SAS, StataQuest, and Excel Video Tutorials  

Wall Street-Dough Howood's
White Smoke Writing Software
Top Selling Finance Magazine