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U.S. Wellbeing: The Good&Bad
1.Work 2.Outsourcing 3.Education 4.Health 5.Safety 6.Poverty

7. Civility 8. Taxes 9. Debt 10. Government 11. Geopolitics 12. Terror

13. Fake News 14. The Bottom Line 4/19/19  Please Share!    email our editor walter

Prelude: John Mueller 1995 statement concerning Retrospection Bias
... no matter how much better the present gets, the past gets better faster..."
Golden ages " happen, but we are never actually in them: they are always back there somewhere.



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U. S. Wellbeing: The Good and the Bad
1. Work   
2. Health   3. Poverty   4. Education   5. Taxes

6. Debt    7. Government  8. Civility   9. The Bottom Line