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Taking Control of Your Finances an FDIC e-book helps you learn to to save and manage money and avoid common mistakes.
Simple Strategies for Managing Your Money is an FDIC checklists to help get financially.
Pathways to Getting Ahead from the Boston FED helps young adults learn to build asset building using appropriate policy choices.
Money Matters: Your Guide for Financial Strength: an e-book from AARP helps set financial goals, get organized, and more.
Banking Basics from the Boston FED
Bargaineeringis a personal-finance blog.
10 ways you can score dirt-cheap rent from MSN.
Angie's List has more than 750,000 members contributing and analyzing local businesses.
BeatMyPrice.com. aloows you to determine if someone else has found a cheaper price or just type a price see what is available.
BeatThat! lets you make money if you find a better price and it is a good overview before beginning your search.

Ben's Bargainsis heavy on electronics and compares merchant prices and their recommendation.
Bill Shrink helps get better credit cards and cell phone deals  by matching your situation with competitive offers.
Budget Travel Guide is an interesting free e-book.
The Budget Fashionista helps you look good for less their advice, sales alerts and shopping tips.
Consumer Action Handbook help with buying tips and resolving consumer problems.
Consumer’s Almanac helps you manage money,organize, and save.
Consumer Reports is easy to use with some useful free information.
The Consumerist alerts you to scams, customer-service problems, and deals with money-saving opportunities.
DealNews guarantees highlighted deals are the lowest prices found from a reputable store.
Edmunds.com car price research sites also helps predict maintenance cost, insurance and depreciation.
FatWallet members get cash back from certain dealers and sets up alerts for specific items.
ePinions has reviews from real people on a variety of products, companies, books, and music.
FreeShipping.org helps find free shipping codes.
Live Like a King or Queen on Pennies on the Dollar is an interesting free e-book.
Mortgage, Know before You Go To Get A
My Bargain Buddy .com has deals for women, especially mothers and crafters.
Nine secrets to online bargains from MSN
Penny Pincher Gazette has a rating system to separate good deals from the minor discounts.
Phishing and Pharming: Helping Consumers Avoid Internet Fraud an e-book from the FED helps protect yourself from internet fraud.
Red Tape Chronicles find scams, fraud ways of being nickel-and-dimed.
Shop Local .com. lets you compare prices on products at comparable local stores.
Smart Spending has savings and frugality tips plus good deals from the Web.
Variable Annuities: What You Should Know
What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance is an interesting free e-book.

Saving Money
66 Ways to Save Money is an interesting e-book.
Financial Intelligence Training
Money Matters: Your Guide for Financial Strength
Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future helps you set up savings plan.
Simple Strategies for Managing Your Money from the FDIC
401(k) Plans from Met Life explains what you need to know about 401(k) plans.
Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Planner is an interesting e-book.
Consumerism Commentary. is a case study of bloggers saving money on daily activities.
The Dollar Stretcher has a large library tips and tips and articles on saving money.
Easy Money Saving Ideas & Tips is an interesting e-book.
Financial Integrity helps you create financial freedom and match your financial life and personal values.
Get Rich Slowly helps you with the help of other users climb out of debt.
The Simple Dollar. Like Roth, Trent Hamm has experienced and conquered debt. He grew up in poverty and understands how early deprivation can lead to later disasters with money.
The Simple Living Network. has articles, forums and links to help you simplify life.
Wise Bread. helps you "live large on a small budget."
Get the Facts on Saving and Investing is an interesting free e-bookvfrom the SEC.
Saving With Coupons
CouponCabin  has printable online coupons for daily and general use for stores that accepts online coupons.
CouponCode.com lets you search coupons that expire soon, have free shipping ...
CouponMom.com. Collects sales at local grocery stores and helps combine a sale with newspaper coupons.
Coupon Mountain is best when you know amount to be spent as coupons require you to spend a minimum amount.
Hot Coupon World also has shopping and sales news and helpful forums.
ReailMeNot.com is great for online coupon.

Credit/Debt Management
23 tips and tools to eliminate debt
7 Steps to Eliminate Debt ia an ebook that outlines the necessary steps.
Debt Consolidation Sample Letters for Free
Healthy Credit from AARP is an e-book to help you manage your credit report and score.
AnnualCreditReport.com is a government-run clearinghouse for legally mandated free credit reports.
Building a Better Credit Report ebook has methods forimproving your credit score, recognizing scams, and legally dealing with debt.
Credit Score: The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket explains why you need a a good credit score and how to improve yours.
CardRatings.com   has good credit card offers, advise for how to manage credit, pay off debt, dealing with crises.
Take Creditors and Collection Agents to Small Claims Court explains your consumer rights.
Credit Score: The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket
"20 credit cards that pay you back." from MSN
The world's worst credit cards  from MSN
SHOP: The Credit Card You Pick Can Save You Money
Know Before You Go…To Get a Mortgage from the Federal Reserve of Boston.
Interest-Only Mortgage Payments and Payment-Option ARMs: Are they for you? from the Boston FED.
7 Steps to Eliminate Debt
 is an interesting e-book.
Credit.com educates users about credit-related matters.
CreditCards.com has credit card offers, current cedit news, and expert advise.
CreditMattersBlog.com. tracks credit markets to keep users informed.
myFICO. provides credit scores for a fee using the formula used by many lenders plus how to use/improve scores.
The Book Of Bad Credit Secrets  will help you to establish credit, maintain, manage, and fix it when it’s broken.
Take Creditors and Collection Agents to Small Claims Court is a e-book explains consumer rights in reference to creditors.

Saving For College

Fin Aid. helps with a complecated subject and has some of the great information on student loans.
Saving for college .com. explains how college savings plans work with details on plans and how to the best one.

Consumer’s Almanac is an organized plan to  will help you manage and save your money.
How To Set Up A Family Budget
Budgeting covers all the basics.
Budgeting in Six Easy Steps has quick basic advise.
5 Steps to Successful Budgeting could add a step.
5 Free Financial Software Alternatives To Quicken
Identity Theft
Identity Theft
: details identity theft and how you can protect yourself from it in this pamphlet.
Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number
Privacy Choices for Your Personal Information shows how to get out of sharing private information.
Cheap travel
Couch Surfing. is a social group/travel site, that allows you to look for and offer free accommodations.
Home Exchange. com connects people wanting to exchange homes for a while.
Less Than a Shoestring helps find potential deals and provides travel news.
Careers Enhancement
The Brazen Careerist is an active blog for career advancement with a balanced life.
Life hacker focuses on using technology to improve your productivity.
The Thin Pink Line provides career personal-finance advise in a colorful manor.
Web Worker Daily helps web workers ne more productive.
8 work habits you must stop now from MSN career builder.
Manners and Social Usages
Recession Survival - How To Proft From An Economic Recession
Credit Industry Secrets, Repair Your Credit Rating
Develop Your Financial IQ
Get Your Financial Life on Track is an interesting free e-book.
Surviving the Economic Crisis  is an interesting free e-book


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