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General Science

College Science Lectures

UC Berkeley Engineering

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Science has these videos from PBS

A Video Introduction to the Earth Sciences
A Video Introduction to Geology
A Video Introduction to the Solar System

Science central
Science & Health News

Scientific American Podcasts   NEW

College Science Lectures
Introduction to Chemistry, U. C. Berkeley
Chemical Structure and Reactivity, U. C. Berkeley
General Chemistry Lecture Notes
, Purdue
Principles of Chemical Science, Phase 1,
Introduction to General Chemistry,

Environment and &Energy TV

College Physics from U.C. Berkeley
Descriptive Introduction to Physics
Introductory Physics
Introductory Physics

College Physics from MIT
Part 1: Classical Mechanics

Part 2: Classical Electromagnetism
Part 3: Vibrations and Waves

Physical Geography-- Sofia Open Content Initiative

Collection of Audio Lectures in Physics:
15 Lectures are very well done.

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Biology from U.C. Berkeley
General Biology 1A
General Biology 1A Lab
General Biology 1B

Astrophysical Chemistry- Vega Scientific Trust
Lecture 1 Overview of the Universe, its component parts e.g. galaxies, stars, planets etc.
Lecture 2 Atomic and molecular spectroscopy, particularly rotational spectroscopy.
Lecture 3  The spectra of the interstellar medium: From nebulae, interstellar species, H 21cm radiation and the structure of our Milky Way Galaxy.
Lecture 4
Origin of the elements and the formation of molecules in the interstellar medium: Big Bang synthesis, stellar synthesis of He and C and other elements, interstellar scattering, interstellar species such as carbon monoxide and more complex molecules.
Black Holes, Worm Holes, and Time Travel , Imperial University
State of Matter by John Murrell, University of Sussex
The Chemistry of Interstellar Space  by William Klemperer, Harvard University
For more from this series visit Free Science and Video Lectures Online!
For more visit The Vega Science Trust

Podcasts Archives of Scientific American NEW
August 23, 2006  single topic issue--Energy's Future: Beyond Carbon; and Well-Read Doctors.
August 16, 2006 Is the Universe Bigger and Older; and the Status of Pluto.

Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley

Signals and Systems
Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals
Digital Image Processing
Solid State Devices
Solid State Devices (Discussion)
Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits


UC Berkeley College of Engineering Speaker Series


View from the Top, Dimarco, Stephanie


Global Competition: How We Can Win, Newton, Richard


The Future of Gadgets, Pisano, Albert


Dr. Paul Jacobs: CEO of QUALCOMM


Life as Beautifully Engineered Systems, Chu, Steven


Commercial Applications of Wireless Sensors: Smart Dust is Out of the Lab, Pister, Kris

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