Chapter 3 Basic Characteristics of Capitalism  Class Discussion Questions

A. How is the concept of creative destruction currently affecting the United States economy?

B. Explain how the concept of creative destruction has affected European politics: 
    1. in the recent past 
    2. in the near future

C. Read the John Adams section of Presidential Courage
    How were the economic and political issues faced by President Adams at the
    turn of the 18th century similar to those face by the U.S. early in the 21st Century.
    These questions can be applied to most of America's presidents.

D. President Obama been accused of being a Socialist?
     Begin with a nominal definition of relevant political and economic terms explored in this chapter and relate them to current economics and politics.
     How accepted are political and economic concepts?
     What did suffrage have to do with this accusation.?
Presidential Politics: Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012 and
20th Century U.S. Political Economy: an interaction of politics and economics.

E. Class Project can take a day, week, month, term, lifetime!
          Something happened during the last 30 years ago to disconnected wage growth from
          productivity growth. Using concepts explored in this chapter and this course Investigate
             1. Competition
. Energy cost
3. How is capitalism and democracy designed to return a normal growth in wages?
             4. Other stuff

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