Economics 1 and 2 Lecture Videos
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Quick Economics Notes

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1. Microeconomics from You Tube

2. Introductory Economics

3. Capitalism and Political Economy

4. Sundry Political Economy

5. Politics

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Quick Notes Political Economy
One-page Abstracts Provide the Basics

 editor Walter Antoniotti

1. Microeconomics from You Tube 

1. Moving vs. Shifting Demand
2: Algebra of Supply and Demand

10: Income and Substitution Effects
11: The Giffen Good (When Demand Slopes Upward)
11A: The Slutsky Equation and Demand Curves

12: Diminishing M U Doesn't Mean Down Sloping demand
16A: More on CV and EV
29: Monopoly Basics
30: The Deadweight Loss of Monopoly

2. Introductory Economics
Kingston University, London
Written by John Lounsbury

1. Why Economist Disagree? 1 hr 8 min

Lecture 2  The Mainstream and
Why General Equilibrium is Unstable

Lecture 3 The Austrians. Real Knowledge,
Disequilibrium Credit

Lecture 4 The Post Keynesians: Realism
Uncertainty, Endogenous Money and
Financial Instability

Lecture 5 The Common Blind spot on the Envirnment

Lecture 6 Minsky, Financial Instability,
The Great Depression and the Global Financial Crisis

Lecture 7 Why the Euro is Destroying Europe

Lecture 8 The Fallacies Underlying Quantitative Easing

Lecture 9 Austerity, Budget Surpluses and
"Sound Finance"

Lecture 10 Not Learning From the History of Money

Lecture 11 Inequality

Modern Monetary Theory

Demystifying Modern Monetary
What Modern Monetary Theory Tells Us About Economic Policy
Why the Elite are Living In an Economic Fantasy

Modern Money & Public Purpose
1: The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt
2: Governments Are Not Households
3: The Eurozone
4. Real vs. Nominal Economy

The Other Side of the Story
MMT vs. Austrian School Debate