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Economics Videos/Audios
Videos are from our Macro and Microeconomics Course

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AP Macroeconomics Series 
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AP Microeconomics Series
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Additional Videos

from intromediateecon
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1P1 P1 Prod Poss Front
1P1b Adjustments to PPF

1P2 The Circular Flow of Income
1P2b Circular Flow and velocity

1P3 Individual Demand
1P3b Market and Individual D
1P3c Demand and Good Types
1P3d Determining Demand A
1P3e Determining Demand B
1P3f Det. Demand Review

1P4 Supply
1P4b Relating S & D

1P5  e Price, Shortage, Surplus
1P5b Price Floors and Ceilings

1Part 6 Price Elasticity of demand

1P7 Elastic & Inelastic Goods
1P7b Elasticity &Total Revenue

1P8 Comparative Advantage







Unit 1

Review of Trade

Price Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity is Not Slope

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Unit 2

Indifference Maps and Demand

Producer and Consumer Surplus

Taxes are a deadweight loss

Price and Cross Elasticity

Income Elasticity of demand & Price
Elasticity of Supply

Elasticity and Labor Markets





Circular Flow of Income
is a very popular video 8.19 min.

The History of Economics 9.10

Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, William Stanley Jevons, Alfred Marshall and Lord John Maynard Keynes are considered. What made Keynes ...


For a little humor try

1: Moving versus shifting demand curves

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2 P1 GDP and Consumption
2P2 GDP and Investment
2P3 Marginal P and Multiplier
2P4 Consumer Price Index
2P5 Real and Nominal GDP
2P6 Who's Hurt by Inflation
2P7 Unemployment
2P8 Measuring GDP
2P9 Types of Inflation
2P11Using the CPI
2P12 GDPI and NDPI
2P13 GDP Exclusions
2P14 CPI Drawbacks 

"Of all the economic bubbles that have been pricked,"
the editors of The Economist 
by PepperdineSPP



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Unit 3 & 4
Fixed and Variable Costs Part 1
Revenue Part A
Returns to Scale Part B
Marginal Cost Part 3
Pure Competition Defined and Profit Part 4   
Pure Competition and Maximum Profit Part 5
Purely Competitive Adjustment Part 5b
Pure Competitive Adjustment Part 6




Unit 5
Monopolistic Competition - Part 1
Part 2




5P2 Tax Principles/Fairness


Circular Flow Part 2
Derived Demand Part 3
Determinates of  Demand Part 4
Elasticity of Resource Demand Part 5
Resource Optimization Part 6
Income Distribution Part 7
Wage Determination- Competition Part 8
Wage Determination Monopsony Part 9
Minimum Wage Controversy Part 10
Minimum Wage Contraversie 2 Part 11
Wage Differentials Part 12
Labor Unions Part 13 

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Monetary Theory and Policy  from University of Oregon  18 videos

Meltup Beginning of U.S. currency crisis and hyperinflation! by Inflation US

Economic Breakdown Song Jon Slagle
Ecological Macroeconomics Part 1  
Part 2   
Part 3  

International Trade from UC Berkeley / 26 videos

absolute and comparative advantage

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Part 2


7P1 Foreign Exchange Markets



Chapter 1, part 5 of 5



The Market System and Circular Flow
Chapter 2, part 1 of 3

Chapter 2, part 3 of 3

Another view of the
Circular Flow of Income  8.19


United States and the Global Economy

Chapter 5, part 1 of 5






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