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Game Theory



 Game theory is a valuable tool used to study strategic behavior. The term "game" is not meant to imply only games of entertainment or leisure. Rather, any strategic interaction between people may be characterized as a game.

This section on game theory provides several resources. If you are new to game theory, we recommend you read the "Basics" section first to gain an understanding of the basic concepts.

More advanced topics are presented in the "Formal Discussions" section. Additionally we provide access to online game theory software, and other various online game theory resources.

Video Material From Academic Earth


Beginner's Guide - This section provides an introductory discussion of game theory.

Useful Concepts in Game Theory - This section looks at some of the frequent and useful concepts in Game Theory.

Video Lectures Game Theory from University of Canterbury and
Yale University.

Experiment Discussions - This section provides discusses some experimental work in Game Theory.

Cataloged Resources - This section lists some of the other websites that are useful and informative.

ECON 159 - Game Theory Open Course by Professor Ben Polak Fall, 2007 Yale University