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Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice  Internet Library

Criminal Justice Reference Material

Free Statistics Review Notes and Excel Statistics Lab Manual
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Criminal Justice Course Notes
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Research, Statistics, and Data Sources
Social Structure Information
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Explorations in Criminal Justice, Forensic Accounting Lecture Notes, Social Science Research
Criminal Justice Data Sets, Career Information, Paralegal Studies 

Criminal Justice Reference Material
Crime, The causes of from the Constitutional Rights Foundation
Crime, The Meaning of from Open Learn
Criminal Justice and Prisons
Criminal Justice Advisenet Dr. Mike Carlie, Missouri State University
Criminal Justice Career Profiles
Criminal Justice Reference Services, National
Criminal Justice History Resources
C. L. Dreveskracht Northeastern State Univ.
Criminal Justice Resources, Jon Harris, Michigan State University
Criminal Justice Standards from ABA
Criminal Justice Statistics Sourcebook 
Criminologists, Galary of, Bruce Hoffman, Dept. of Sociology, Ohio University.
Criminology, Glossary , Bruce Hoffman, Dept. of Sociology, Ohio University.
Criminology, History of T. R. O'CONNOR Austin Peay State University
Data and Stories, Social Science, Dept. of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
Dictionary, Law Duhaimes Free
Evidence/Witnesses Federal Rules of from Wikibooks
Resources, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Reta King, Library's

Type 1/Type 2Error
: Making Mistakes in the J
ustice System
Take the Bite Out of Crime from McGruff the Crime Dog
10 Best Schools for Criminal Justice

Mega Sites in CJ by THOMAS R. O'CONNOR
Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Program Manager
Austin Peay State University Center at Ft. Campbell

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Crime Analysis
Current Events
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Juvenile Justice
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Prison Issues
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Think Tanks in CJ

Criminal Justice Lecture Notes
Crime and Deterrence from Russ Long

White Collar Crime from Russ Long
Social Change from Jamie Price of UNC Wilmington
Economic Analysis of Law David D. Friedman, Santa Clara University School of Law
Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Seven Course Curriculum from the Center for Sex Offenders Management

Notes from from Chris Elkridge, U. Nebraska-Lincoln

CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 211 - Criminal Courts
CJ 476 - Terrorism
CJ 477 - Organized Crime

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Criminal Justice Sites
The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Center for Sex Offenders Management
Ethics in Policing
Office of Justice Programs
The Corrections Connection
National Institute of Corrections
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Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U.S. Department of Justice
Professional Group
Alpha Phi Sigma
American Justice Society
International Association of Chiefs of Police
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  Memory Videos
60 Minutes Eye Witness Testimony Part 1
60 Minutes Eye Witness Testinomy Part 2
The Eye Witness Test