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C++ tutorial for C users is a Quick one-page C++ tutorial for C programmers consisting of short code examples.

cplusplus.com has Information, Documentation, Reference Articles, Source Code and Forums.

Cprogramming.com  has Getting Started, Tutorials, QuizzesAdvanced Tutorials, Articles and much more.

C++ Tutorial from Function X has C++ fundamentals, intermediate++,  and C++ object.

Video Lectures

C++ Video Lectures

Free Books

A Beginner's C++ Neil Gray

An Introduction to C++ Programming Björn Fahller

An Overview Of The C++ Programming Langauge Bjarne Stroustrup

c 1   from Bookboon

C++ GUI Programming With Qt 3 Jasmin Blanchette, Mark Summerfield

C++ In Action - Industrial Strength Programming Techniques  Bartosz Milewski

How To Think Like A Computer Scientist With C++ Allen B. Downey

Introduction to OOP Using C++ Peter Müller

Programming Fundamentals: A Modular Structured Approach Using C++

Programming in C++ - Rules and Recommendations FN/Mats Henricson and Erik Nyquist

Structured Programming With c plus plus from Bookboon

Thinking in ++, 2e Volume 1  Bruce Eckel

Thinking in C++ Volume 2 - Practical Programming Bruce Eckel, Chuck Allison

Free Online Books Internet Library, Computers has other C++ books.

Free C/C++ Programming Books - freeprogrammingresources.com

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Stan Lippman's BLog

Indian Bloggers on C++

C++ Blogs, VC++ Blogs, Visual C++ Blogs, MFC Blogs, VC++ Source Code

Career Advancement

Programming Careers: Java vs C++ | Ask MetaFilter

Need advice for C++ programmer career, c standard library ...

Where to head with C++ programming? - IT Professionals' Lounge

The Best C++ Interview Question – Ever! - Windward Wrocks









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