For Many, The Economic Return from Education Will Stagnate

Global competition will continue to cause the trend of stagnant wages in the United States  for all members of  society except the very, very, very special. 0550_50news.gif










Chart from page 51 of the 12/12/05 issue of
business week.

German wages have been stagnant for years in spite of an outstanding educational and training system.

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Rise Of A Powerhouse
How the young knowledge workers of Central Europe are pushing the region to a new level

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Even the rewards for the very, very, very special may go down.

Davos (Switzerland World Economic Conference) Will Be Different

"The traditional format -- plenaries and sessions, dinners and parties -- will continue at the 2006
 World Economic Forum, but the conversation is changing dramatically."

"... the content of the 2006 meeting will be a far cry from that of recent Davos gatherings.
Previously, discussion at the World Economic Forum revolved around two main economic
themes: outsourcing and China. This year innovation replaces outsourcing and India replaces
China in the dialogue. These changes are significant because they signal a new stage in global
economic development. CEOs are starting to move beyond their obsession with cutting costs
by outsourcing their supply chains" (mainly to China).

"This shift in agenda reflects the fact that CEOs and the corporations they run can no longer
generate value by competing solely on cost and quality, so they are turning to innovation."

"Enter India, which is throwing the Saturday night bash this year as it launches its own global brand, "India Everywhere." Western companies are outsourcing knowledge-economy production to India,
 and that increasingly means outsourcing innovation as much as basic software writing. Indeed,
many top managers equate India with outsourcing innovation in the same way they equate China
with outsourcing manufacturing."

Even the special From page 96 of the 1/23/06 issue of Business Week

By Bruce Nussbaum

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College education  for people of average intelligence and training at people with average ambition is a big waste.
The money can be better spent.  

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