Financial Accounting Review Notes
are easier than a traditional textbook

Test 1 The Accounting Equation: 11 pages
Overview of Accounting Cycle 
The Accounting Equation
Recording  Transactions
Help With Journal Entries
Adjustments, Worksheet, and Statements
Completing the Accounting Cycle
Cash Versus Accrual Accounting

Test 2 Merchandise Accounting: 4 pages
Special Journals for Accounting Systems

Test 3 Cash, Receivables, Inventory, Depreciation, Extraordinary Repairs, Disposal of Plant Assets, Natural Resources, Intangibles: 9 pages
Voucher Systems and Petty Cash 
Bank Reconciliation

Bad Debts 
Notes Receivable

Inventory using LIFO, FIFO and WA 
 Lower Cost or Market, Estimating Inventory Value
Depreciation Methods, Revising Depreciation
Extraordinary Repairs, Disposal of Plant Assets
Natural Resources, Intangibles 

Special Financing Assets Narrative Review for tests 4 and 5

Test 4 Current Liabilities: 3 pages
Notes Payable, Bank Loans
Property Taxes, Payroll, Warranties

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Test 5 Partnerships and Corporations: 6 pages
Entry of a New Partner, Division of Income
Bonus to Withdrawing Partner, Liquidation
Issuing Stocks, Paying Dividends
Stockholders' Equity, Book Value, and Stock Subscriptions
Stock Splits, Stock Dividends, Treasury Stock , and Prior Period Adjustments   
Retained Earnings Appropriation, Statement of Retained Earnings, Stockholders' Equity, and Earnings Per Share

Test 6 Time value of Monet y and Installment Notes Payable and Bonds Payable5 pages: 5 pages
The Present And Future Value of Money
Installment Notes Payable

Page 1 Issuing Bonds at a Discount and Page 2 Issuing Bonds at a Premium, and Bond Sinking Funds 

Test 7 Cash Flows, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment in Corporate Securities:
Narrative Review

Cash Flows Classifications 
Operating Activity Cash Flow, Direct & Indirect Methods
Investing and Financing Activity Cash Flow Determination
Statement of Cash Flow Worksheet

Horizontal and Vertical Analysis  

Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis

Investment in Short Term Corporate Securities and Investment for Control-Equity Method  
Consolidated Financial Statements, Other Considerations