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Specific Accounting Course Notes

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Sampling and Statistics for Accountants

The Student CPA

Time Value of Money Video Lectures    

Accounting Crib Notes
1. Understanding Journal Entries   
2. Remembering Debits and Credits Tricks Video
3. Debits and Credits
4. Accounting Cycle  
Time Value of Money and Example
One Page Accounting
Practice Sets 
complete solutions    for software
Accounting 1 and 2 Video Lectures
Accounting 1 and 2 Class Notes
Testing Help
  Quick Steps for Passing an Accounting Test
AP, SAT Test Prep strategy
Practice with Answers
Test Problems   Multiple Choice Questions

Specific Accounting Course Notes

Advanced Accounting
Mark-to-market accounting - Accounting rules - Post-Crisis Reform and ...  Video
IFRS to accompany Intermediate Accounting Courses  from Virginia Tech

Principles of Auditing, Mr. Robert Anderson, University of California Santa Barbara
Auditing and Assurance, Dr. Zabi Rezaee, University of Memphis
IT Audit Reference Library from the Institute of Internal Auditors

Cost Accounting, Some Chapters 
Chapter 1, Intro To Managerial and Cost Accounting and Cost Management Systems
Chapter 2, Cost  Accounting Systems And Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 4, Normal Historical Full Absorptions Job Order Costing
Chapter 5, Normal Historical Full Absorptions Process Costing
Chapter 6, The Traditional Two Stage Cost Allocation Approach
Accounting Tutors
can help with difficult concepts.
Accounting Jobs Today specializes in career advancement.
Project Costing Systems Concepts and Design Issues
Cost Accumulation for Job/Shop and Batch Production Operations
Activity-Based Costing Systems
Process costing Standard costing Excel
Managing and Allocating Support Services
Cost Estimation
CVP analysis

Strategic Issues in Making Investment Decisions

Excel Present Value Worksheets

Managerial Accounting Notes from Professor Greg Burbage SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE

Business Law

Law and Accounting has some good summary notes by class.

Intermediate Accounting Video Resources
Intermediate Accounting 1/ Cash Flow 1
Intermediate Accounting 2/ Cash Flow
Intermediate Accounting 3/ Bond Accounting
Intermediate Accounting 4/ Bond Accounting

Intermediate Accounting 5/ Bond Accounting
Intermediate Accounting 6/ Bond Accounting
Intermediate Accounting 7/ Cash Flow Analysis
Intermediate Accounting 8/ Liquidity Ratios
Intermediate Accounting 9/ Activity Ratios
Intermediate Accounting 10/ Profitability Ratios
Intermediate Accounting 11/ Coverage Ratios
Intermediate Accounting 12/ Long Term Debt
Intermediate Accounting 13/ Convertible Bonds
Intermediate Accounting14/ Dilative Securities
Intermediate Accounting 15/ Dilutive Securities- Warrants

Intermediate Accounting 16/ Convert. Preferred Stock
Intermediate Accounting 17/ Issuing Warrants
Intermediate Accounting 18/ Options Expense
Intermediate Accounting 19/ Dividends, Splits
Intermediate Accounting 20/ Dividends, Splits, T-Stock

Power Point Presentations
Intermediate Accounting Power Point presentation from Spiceland and Sepe chapters 1-16

Intermediate Accounting I   Mr. Robert Anderson, University of California Santa Barbara
Intermediate Accounting II  Mr. Robert Anderson
Intermediate Accounting III Mr. Robert Anderson

Finance Notes
Dr. Sharon Garrison of the University of Arizona has great notes on interest, the  time value of money, and much more.
Financial Management Topics - free short courses online (Matt H. Evans, Financial Management Training Center)
Financial Management,Principles of  Dr. Pamela Drake, James Madison University

Managerial Accounting
Managerial Accounting Internet Library

Managerial Accounting Video Lectures Managerial

Help by Topic
Accounting Jobs Today specializes in career advancement.
Break Even Analysis Simulation
Break-Even Analysis and Budgeting Lesson Plan

Calculator Tutorials for Time Value of Money Concepts
Case Method Interview will help people understand the case method.
Cash Flow Introduction Video
Cash Flow in Depth Video
Ethics Effectiveness Quick Test
Ethics in Management Accounting case study.
Ethics in Not-for-Profit Accounting

Financial Analysis Video Lectures
Fraud- Consideration of in a Financial Statement Audit, Power Point Presentation 
Time Value of Money Tutorial is concise.
How to collect business debts
Accounting Tutors can help with difficult concepts.

Sampling and Statistics for Accountants from Dr. Will Yancey, consults on audit sampling and litigation support.
Data Mining | Sampling for Financial and Internal Audits | Sampling for Income Tax | Sampling for Medicare and Other Claims | Sampling for Sales and Use Tax Audits - States | Sampling for Sales and Use Tax - Review Articles | SamplingPlease Blog Friends About This Free Library Using heory and Applications | Sampling for Valuation | Statistical Consulting | Statistical Education and Software | Statistical Evidence in Litigation ]